How The Resident's Billie Feels After Everything With Porter And Trevor, According To Jessica Lucas

Jessica Lucas on The Resident
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Spoilers ahead for Season 5, Episode 14 of The Resident, “Hell in a Handbasket.”

The most recent episode of Fox's medical drama, The Resident, finally concluded the battle between Billie and Dr. Robert Porter. After Dr. Bell asked Billie to write him a recommendation to get him a seat on the State Medical Board (since he was up against Porter), she admitted that Porter raped her when she was 13. After she made a complaint to the Board, Porter promptly went after her, threatening her career. Now, Jessica Lucas, who portrays the character, is opening up about the subsequent battle between Porter and Trevor and the much-needed aftermath.

With Bell and Kit rallying behind her in the midst of the situation, Billie made the decision to retract her claim in order to end things and spare anyone any additional pain. However, her estranged son, medical intern Trevor, began to put the pieces together after hearing about the complaint, ultimately realizing that Porter is his biological father. With this, Trevor confronted the man at the Board hearing, asserting that he's the product of Porter's sexual assault against his mother. Not only that, the intern even added that they can test his DNA against Porter’s. 

Now that the truth is finally out and the battle is done, it would seem that Dr. Porter will most likely lose his medical license. Additionally, it seemed safe to assume that Billie now has room to breathe again. Following the episode, Jessica Lucas spoke to TV Insider about how her character's current state, and it does indeed sound like things are turning around for the better:

I think she feels at peace. She is moving forward with her relationship with Trevor in a way that she didn’t expect. Obviously the whole situation has allowed some barriers to be broken down between the two of them, and hopefully they can move forward with more of a relationship than they have had in the past. I don’t think her goal or intention was ever to see him get jail time. She didn’t want him to have so much power, but as soon as she started to poke at the bear, it led her down a path that she wasn’t expecting and people in her life started to get hurt. It’s somewhat satisfactory because she walks away with so much of a better relationship with her son.

It's a relief to know that this battle is over, considering it was not only ruining Billie’s career but also causing her to relive a painful part of her part. It was sweet to see the sheer amount of support she had from her colleagues as well. In regard to Trevor, it was also a matter of time before he found out the truth, and his confrontation with Porter was just as tense as one would imagine. Though these recent developments have been rough for the characters, it's nice to know that mother and son are back on good terms.

I'm eager to see how the pair's relationship continues to progress during the remaining episodes of Season 5. They definitely have a lot to catch up on, and it'll be sweet to see the two reconnect. And perhaps, for Billie, this closed chapter can even lead to a new relationship.

New episodes of The Resident return on Tuesday, March 8 at 8 p.m. EST on Fox! Also, be sure to check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 winter and spring TV schedule to learn about the other shows you can look forward to.

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