Is The Resident’s Conrad Really Getting A New Love Interest In Season 5? What The Co-Showrunner Says

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Mild spoilers ahead for the winter premiere of The Resident, “Her Heart.”

When Emily VanCamp was confirmed to be leaving Fox’s medical drama The Resident, many were curious as to how her character would be written out. Sadly nurse practitioner Nic Nevin would ultimately be killed off in a pretty intense turn of events. Following Nic’s death, the series surprisingly jumped three years and now, her love, Conrad, is slowly trying to move on. But will the internist actually get a new love interest in the remaining episodes of Season 5? Well, one of the series' showrunners is setting the record straight on that.

Following The Resident’s time jump last year, co-showrunner Peter Elkoff teased that Conrad’s new journey of love will be a gradual one. But now The Resident’s other boss, Andrew Chapman, has further discussed with TV Insider whether Dr. Hawkins will end up with someone by the end of the season. And it sounds like the producers, writers and the actor behind the character are taking the story development pretty seriously:

Let’s modify that slightly. He may end up with somebody, he may end up not with somebody. There definitely will be relationships on the table, possibilities. I don’t think we’re going to commit to anything, but we’re exploring and he’s exploring and Matt Czuchry is taking this very seriously. He wants to make sure that when Conrad is in a relationship, it’s the right relationship and it’s the right amount of time and he’s taking it like he would his own relationship, which I love. He’s very serious and very methodical about it. So there’ll be a host of people that are possibilities. And I think we’ll have really fun figuring out who that’s going to be, little teases here, little teases there.

Conrad and Nic had a pure love story that fans were rooting for since the first season. Of course, it’s not easy moving on from your first true love, as evidenced by Conrad's attempts to take things slow. It’s nice to know that Matt Czuchry is handling things with care just as his character is, and it that really shines through in his performance. 

Season 5 has already started to hint at possible love interests for Conrad, like GiGi’s teacher, the ER’s newest doctor and perhaps the most unexpected love of all, Billie. However, it’s obvious that he'll never get over Nic. The latest episode of the show served as a beautiful tribute to the character and proved that she can still be part of Conrad and little GiGi’s lives in some form.

Even though it'll be hard to see Conrad fall in love with someone else, one would imagine that when someone does come into the picture, it'll happen organically. If anything, the character's hesitance to drop back into the dating pool mirrors the real-life grieving process. With this, Conrad's grief will linger as long as it needs to.

Though it's unclear if we’ll see the fan-favorite character in a new relationship by the end of Season 5, it looks like fans will be in for a ride when it comes to the show as a whole. Don’t miss new episodes of The Resident, which air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Fox! And check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 winter and spring TV schedule to see what else you can look forward to this year.

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