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Is Chicago Med's Vanessa About To Make A Huge Mistake?

chicago med season 7 vanessa and crockett
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Spoilers ahead for the third episode of Chicago Med Season 7, called “Be The Change You Want To See.”

Chicago Med saw the doctors dealing with some unprecedented challenges in “Be The Change You Want To See,” with Dylan and Will dealing with a dishonest patient who got an unwelcome surprise about her lupus, a wealthy donor getting handsy with Stevie, and Vanessa and Crockett joining forces to save a woman with a unique tumor. Plus, Atwater from Chicago P.D. turned up! It was the promo for next week’s episode that indicates Vanessa could be on the verge of making a huge mistake with her mentor.

Next week’s episode of Chicago Med is called “Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In,” and it certainly looks like Vanessa is about to create a mess in the ED. After this week’s episode showed that Crockett is actually taking his promise to mentor Vanessa seriously – although he initially had his reservations about her ten-year plan – it seems that Vanessa might get the wrong idea. Check out the promo for what comes next: 

Apparently, Vanessa will show up a half hour early for her shift, which is out of the norm enough for Crockett to mention it, and Crockett definitely doesn’t seem upset about it. Something will seemingly happen to make Maggie nervous about Vanessa as a first-year resident falling for her mentor. And it doesn’t feel like a mislead just cut together for the trailer, based on the shot of Vanessa reaching for Crockett’s hand when it looks like they’re alone together. 

That shot also ends with Crockett’s hand starting to flinch away, so I’m inclined to think that he knows better than to get pulled into a relationship (physically or romantically) with the young woman he’s mentoring. Plus, he was in a serious romantic relationship with Natalie as recently as the Season 6 finale, and he’s not the fast-and-loose man that he was when he debuted back in Season 5. 

So as much as it would be a huge mistake for both of them if anything happens between them, I’m guessing – and hoping – that he’ll make the right judgment call, and the bad decision will be firmly in her court, which would be more understandable than if he crossed a line with her. That said, I’m not going to cast any blame at her at this point, since it’s possible that she’ll be misreading some signals rather than just going for her mentor out of the blue. Plus, she’s in a confusing place emotionally with Maggie on hand. 

Whatever happens, I hope it doesn’t jeopardize Vanessa’s place in the ED. A lot may depend on whether or not whatever happens (or doesn’t) stays between them or a third party finds out. I can imagine Crockett keeping it a secret if she makes a move and he shuts her down (as I’m hoping), but it’s also possible that such a messy situation could result in the end of their mentor/mentee dynamic pretty quickly after it started. 

All of this said, the doctors and nurses of Chicago Med aren’t famous for making the best romantic decisions, and I got an inkling during “Be The Change You Want To See” that Med might be getting Crockett and Vanessa a little too cozy for comfort. And Crockett is coming off some heartbreak. 

Still, until and unless I know any better, I’m going to hold out hope that Vanessa is the only one making a mistake, and it’s presumably a mistake that can be attributed to her age and circumstances. Med doctors and nurses have been forgiven for worse transgressions, and Vanessa might just need somebody she can connect with in the ED without the strings attached that she has with Maggie. And that could push her to a bad decision. 

See what happens next (or doesn’t) with Vanessa and Crockett with new episodes of Chicago Med on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, starting off the hit One Chicago block and followed by Chicago Fire at 9 p.m. ET and Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. ET in the fall TV lineup.

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