Jeff Hardy's Brother Matt Provides Update Following Recent Viral Video And Alleged WWE Tour Dismissal

Matt and Jeff Hardy in the WWE.
(Image credit: WWE)

Jeff Hardy made headlines recently after reports that the WWE sent him home mid-tour in Texas, and a viral video showed a shaky performance from the wrestler that made it appear something was off. Now, as fans are hoping for more context and answers on the situation, wrestler Matt Hardy gave an update about how his brother is doing. 

Matt Hardy, who currently wrestles separately from in AEW, confirmed to his Twitch audience on his show House Hardy that he’s spoken to his brother. Hardy gave about as much information as he felt comfortable, saying:

I did speak to Jeff for a little bit today, and he’s okay. He’s good. I think he’ll be fine, but once again, this isn’t my business, and if he wants to go into it in more detail, then he’ll do it himself. Jeff is okay. He is at home, and he is okay. It’s not my business. It’s not my story to tell or explain, and besides that, I wouldn’t be able to do it justice anyway because it’s not from my perspective, so I love my brother, and I just want my brother to be okay and healthy. I also mind my business which a lot of people don’t do nowadays too. I mind my business. I make sure my house is in order before anything else because if my house isn’t in order then I can’t get anything else in order. If I can’t keep my house in order and keep myself in order and in check then you’re not gonna be able to get anybody else in order and in check.

It seems like Matt Hardy is aware of what led to his brother’s bizarre performance, but he’s not going to be the one to share the story publicly. Jeff Hardy is often transparent about his life, even the less savory bits of it, so it’s not like fans need to press Matt Hardy or anyone else for answers. Answers could come eventually, but for now, the important information fans need to know is there. Jeff Hardy is doing okay, and he’s going to be fine. 

Of course, it’s only natural that fans would be curious about Jeff Hardy following the bizarre incident at a house show in Texas. A viral video showed Hardy appearing sluggish in a tag-team match, and then after a long time in the ring, Hardy jumped the fan barricade and made his way through the crowd, followed promptly by security. The WWE reportedly excused him from the tour after the event, and Rey Mysterio filled in for his spot in the match the following night. Hardy typically performs on SmackDown, though it’s not known if he’ll be a part of the show. 

SmackDown airs over on Fox every Friday at 8:00 p.m. ET. 2021 has been a wild year for pro wrestling, and it seems the major headlines could continue right up until the new year. Hopefully, there’s more positive news than negative coming up because this year has been a lot.

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