Amidst WWE Drama, Charlotte Flair Has Apparently Broken Up With Fiancé Andrade El Idolo

Charlotte Flair on SmackDown
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WWE superstar Charlotte Flair had an eventful 2021, though probably not for what many would think are desirable reasons. Recent months have given way to reported tensions between her and others in the WWE locker room, along with allegations that she's difficult to work with. With those situations having mostly cooled down, it appears the superstar just ended a long-term relationship with AEW star Andrade El Idolo, whom she'd be dating since 2019, and with whom she was engaged to be married. 

Rumors about the wrestling couple’s split first surfaced after fans noticed that Andrade no longer followed Charlotte Flair on social media. At some point after that, reported multiple sources confirming the two wrestlers did indeed break up, with Flair allegedly the one who ended the relationship. No further details came beyond that, though Andrade did remove a number of photos of himself and Flair from his social media. 

As noted earlier, Charlotte Flair began dating Andrade El Idolo back in early 2019 when he was still a member of the WWE roster. The couple announced their engagement in January of 2020, and remained engaged after the WWE granted Andrade his release in March of 2021. 

The exact timeline of the presumed break-up is unknown, although back when WWE's security team escorted Charlotte Flair from an arena following an altercation with Becky Lynch, Andrade El Idolo took to social media calling out the WWE. Many at the time wondered if Flair would try to ask for a release in order to join her fiancé in AEW, though the move seemed doubtful given the reported time left on Flair’s contract and her megastar status within the company.

Charlotte Flair’s social media still features photos of Andrade El Idolo, with the last picture of him posted on November 3rd as a birthday message showing off plenty of happy memories shared. That would seemingly imply the split would have occurred later in November, or right as December started. Check out the album below, which made it seem like things were going well on the road to nuptials. 

Of course, social media doesn’t always tell the whole story, and it’s possible the couple had experienced problems well before wrestling fans realized something was wrong. Perhaps more answers will come in the near future regarding how this WWE power couple’s relationship allegedly fell apart. Though if not, that's obviously fine since it's their business. 

Charlotte Flair’s problems behind the scenes in the WWE haven’t affected her screentime on SmackDown, and she’s still considered one of the top competitors in the brand. It seems as though some of the drama on that front may have blown over, which would be good provided this breakup news is legit. 

Charlotte Flair appears regularly on andSmackDown, which airs on Fox on Fridays at 8:00 p.m. ET. As always, CinemaBlend will keep an eye on any updates on what’s happening with pro wrestlers and other major headlines from WWE and AEW.

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