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Jeremy Sisto Talks FBI's ‘Connection’ With Upcoming Law And Order, But Why That Crossover Would Be Hard

jeremy sisto as jubal valentine in fbi
(Image credit: CBS)

Ahead of the highly-anticipated premiere of the Law & Order revival, one star is commenting once again on the possibility of the series crossing over with another Dick Wolf drama. Jeremy Sisto, who currently portrays Assistant Special in Charge Jubal Valentine in CBS’ FBI and formerly portrayed NYPD Detective Cyrus Lupo on NBC’s Law & Order, is opening up about why a crossover between the two shows would actually make sense... but may not be in the cards anytime soon. 

While the actor did previously express interest in having a crossover between Law & Order and FBI, even having a plan for how his characters would meet each other, Jeremy Sisto is admitting to TV Insider hat he doesn’t think the two shows will be coming together. That is, at least any time soon. The good news? His reason makes sense:

They shoot so damn far away. I don’t think it’s in the cards. I like that we have a relationship, that there’s some kind of connection there. It’s a great show and whatever Dick feels about that — it’s fun being in a TV universe where you kind of trust the person at the top because I don’t have to decide if that’s right. But I like that they’ve opened that door, and I think it’s important that you connect these shows to the main office.

Because both FBI and Law & Order are Dick Wolf shows, the two could potentially be in the same universe, though they do air on separate networks. But just because they are connected through their creator doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea for a crossover to happen, even between two solid casts. The distance reason why Jeremy Sisto doesn’t think it’ll happen makes sense, but  that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. A girl can hope. 

For example, the CBS series did have a crossover with Chicago P.D., so it’s not out of the books that FBI can crossover with other TV shows. However, Jeremy Sisto explains that the story FBI is telling is just another way to be connected to this greater universe that the series is part of:

At the end of the day, the FBI and the story we’re telling is about how connected they are. They’re not just the police, they’ve got the cooperation of so many other organizations. In this world, there’s so many people working against each other, doing the same things, politically and in so many social realms and in crime-fighting realms as well, and that’s not the story we’re telling and that’s not the truth of the FBI. To have us connected to those other shows is great for Jubal and have Jubal be sort of speaking to them is just another way to tell that story.

While it looks like there won’t be a crossover episode between FBI and Law & Order for now, hopefully this doesn’t rule out exciting opportunities like these in the future. It would still be pretty hilarious to see Sisto’s two characters meet, and it makes me wonder just what Jubal and Cyrus would say to each other. Fingers crossed it happens. 

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