Kenan Thompson Recalls What It Was Like To Work With SNL Icon Chris Farley On All That

Chris Farley and Kenan Thompson on All That
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Kenan Thompson has been entertaining audiences on a weekly basis for decades. While Thompson is probably best known for his Saturday Night Live work at this point, most '90s kids likely remember his time on All That. Much like this time on the NBC staple, he created many memorable characters on the iconic Nickelodeon sketch show. But Thompson’s path to the sketch comedy mecca was destined years before, thanks to a special appearance from SNL icon Chris Farley. Now, years later, the Kenan star has recalled his time sharing the screen with the late, great Farley.

Chris Farley's appearance on All That was a very big deal, and it's even more special considering it that it was one of his final TV appearances before his death. Kenan Thompson seems to treasure his time working with the late star. On the People in the ‘90s podcast, the SNL star reflected on the special experience:

It was one of the greatest days I've ever seen. I learned literally a wealth of career knowledge in three hours, just watching a pro take direction. But also, do what he wanted. It was amazing.

Taking notes from the Almost Heroes alum seems to have panned out for the actor and comedian, as he is currently the longest-serving cast member in Saturday Night Live history. His time on the Nick variety show was definitely invaluable for him, but being able to rub shoulders with sketch comedy veteran surly helped, too. He went on to say about the Tommy Boy star:

When you walk through those doors and are around those people, you're on. It's time to be funny. It's not time to just be there. It's time to prove why you're there. [On the set of All That] Chris was immediately funny, giving everybody what they expected. That part of being a professional goes a long way because we still talk about him being one of the greatest to this day. And that takes serious dedication.

As Kenan Thompson pointed out, it says a lot that Chris Farley is still remembered fondly and highly regarded amongst current and past SNL stars. Any of his sketches will show you just how committed he was to making the best of every moment. To see Farley and Thompson’s chaotic energy take over the “Cooking with Randy” sketch, check out the clip below:

The Kenan & Kel alum's words echo the sentiments from some other castmates, including Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. The late star's impact can be seen and heard through other celebrities as well. The Beverly Hills Ninja star is still considered one of the best stars Saturday Night Live has ever produced, and it's almost poetic that he had a chance to spend time with one of the show's future greats.

As Kenan Thompson continues to progress in his career, he's likely he'll continue to hold onto what he learned from Chris Farley. Viewers can enjoy the work he's doing now and can also revisit Farley's work through his sketches along with many of his movies, which are currently streaming.

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