La Brea: 6 Questions Season 2 Needs To Answer

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Major spoilers from Season 1 of La Brea ahead! 

WOW. Talk about a banger of a season, right? La Brea managed to capture the hearts, minds, and imaginations of viewers everywhere right out of the gate after its debut on NBC, and didn’t let up when it came to twists, crazy reveals, dangerous prehistoric animals, surprising relationships, and wildly unsafe situations. And, the La Brea Season 1 finale did not let any of us down, with a lot more shocks that led to several cliffhangers for our gang of time-travel sinkhole survivors, those who went before them, and the ones they left behind in 2021.

As with any season finale for a blockbuster, sci-fi heavy show like La Brea, some questions have been answered, while those cliffhangers have now left us with several more. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the six questions that La Brea Season 2 really needs to answer!

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Where In The Hell Did The Light Take Lilly, Riley, And Josh?

You guys? Just when we thought all of the drama at the mountain top time travel light was over, we quickly learned that, you know, it wasn’t. A major focus of the penultimate episode of La Brea’s first season was making sure that Isiah / Gavin got his little butt back to 1988, when he was found wandering around with Ella. 

Luckily, after basically starting an all-out war to retrieve Isiah from Silas (this grandad really did not want Isiah going to the future), Eve led him to the top of the mountain and saw him safely through the light. When Lilly arrived to give Isiah the map, the little boy was gone, and as she, Josh, and Riley stood near the portal, the light pulsed and took them all.

Where in the hell did the time travel light portal take them? According to creator/ co-showrunner David Appelbaum’s interview with TVLine, the trio will be “in a different time period” from what we’ve seen so far, and I’m officially nervous for these youngsters.

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How Are Gavin, Izzy, And Ella Going To Get From Seattle To L.A., In Prehistoric Times?

While everyone was fighting to get Isiah to the light, Gavin, Izzy, and Dr. Nathan managed to track down Ella. Her map of sinkhole times / locations eventually led them all to a Seattle campsite right as one opened. Unfortunately, no fancy airplane was going to be able to fit in what was, essentially, a three-person sized hole, so Gavin, Izzy, and Ella all jumped right in, landing on a beach 1,200 miles away from Eve, Josh, and the rest of the La Brea sinkhole survivors.

How are these fearless time travelers going to get all the way to Los Angeles in prehistoric times? Obviously, they can walk, but as we’ve seen, there are innumerable dangers (animal, natural, and probably human) which will definitely be between this group and their end goal. My bet is on the journey not being easy at all, especially since literally none of them thought to pack so much as a purse with snacks and a pocket knife before jumping.

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How Did Rebecca’s Very Modern Tower Get To 10K B.C, And What’s In It?

As Scott said in the finale, Rebecca knows a lot more than she’s saying, and is very reluctant to open up. Although, Rebecca did trust Scott enough (for some reason) to lead him to what might be the most impressive, man-made structure in 10,000 B.C.: a very modern skyscraper. Obviously, we don’t know what’s in there yet, not to mention how all of the materials were transported to build the thing there (if it wasn’t somehow time-traveled fully built), but I’m already having some strong suspicions about it. 

There seem to be solar panels on the roof, but there’s no sewer system, or nearby water source. That, combined with the look of the structure, have me thinking that Rebecca and her group of scientists actually come from some point in time beyond 2021. That’s right...the future. It’s likely a research facility and / or living quarters, but Season 2 just has to give us more info on it.

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If Lilly / Ella Was Found With Isiah / Gavin In 1988, How Is There Still A Teenaged Version Of Her In 2021?

Look, I’m not going to spend too much time on this one (because who wants to get their brain super twisted by trying to make sense of time travel), but aren’t you also wondering how two versions of Lilly / Ella existed at the same time in 2021?

Ella was found, as a child, with Isiah / Gavin in 1988 when they originally went through the portal. But, as Ella grew up, at some point Lilly appeared, meaning that the present day had adult Ella and kidnapped teen Lilly in the same timeline. My assumption is that this weirdness has something to do with Lilly getting disappeared by the time light with Josh and Riley, but we’ll have to see.

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How Did All This Sinkhole / Glowing Light Time Travel Get Started?

This is one of the major questions that still needs to be addressed on La Brea. We have no idea who went through one of these sinkholes first, what year they did it, and whether or not it was even on purpose. Rebecca claimed that the sinkholes were because of her and her scientist cohorts, but what if that’s not the whole story? At any rate, their meddling has now led to a whole lot of trouble for regular ol’ people who have no idea how to navigate a life lived among sabertooth tigers and giant, junk-food-eating sloths. 

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Who Is Silas Already?!

Prior to the reveal that Silas is Isiah / Gavin’s grandfather, we’d seen him creeping around a bit, and didn’t know if he would be friend or foe to our survivors. And... we still don’t really know! He was very willing to sacrifice Josh and Izzy (and kill anyone who got in his way) so that Isiah could stay in the past with him, but it seems that his reasoning was more than just the boy being all the family he has. Did you see how desperate and sad he looked when Eve finally won and took Isiah up the mountain? Does Silas somehow contain all the keys to the time travel mysteries on La Brea?

Rebecca knows Silas, and said that he was another scientist whose work led to the sinkholes. In fact, she stole the map that she gave to Lilly from his notebook. And, Paara confirmed that he and Isiah didn’t arrive at her settlement until relatively recently. But, she doesn’t know anything about Silas’ real history, as he told her that he and his family got sucked into a sinkhole and Isiah’s parents died from the trip. Seeing as how this is a time travel show, my sci-fi sense is telling me that Silas might just be a very mature Gavin, meaning that he somehow protected a version of himself as a child for several years.

It’s all rather thrilling and confusing, isn’t it?! With Rebecca having explained that time is actually more of a circle, rather than a straight line, anything is possible on this extremely dramatic show. Luckily, we do know that La Brea has a second season coming to NBC at some point in the future, but let’s all hope we don’t have to jump into any sinkholes just to be able to watch it.

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