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Law And Order: Organized Crime's Dylan McDermott Is No Richard Wheatley In First Look At FBI: Most Wanted Character

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FBI: Most Wanted delivered a massive twist in Season 3 when Jess LaCroix was killed off to accommodate actor Julian McMahon’s desire to move on, and the CBS show is bringing in Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Dylan McDermott to fill the void. Although the FBIs and Law & Order series technically share the same TV universe with all the other Dick Wolf TV shows, McDermott’s new Most Wanted character definitely isn’t the villainous Richard Wheatley from Organized Crime, and the first look photos and footage make that quite clear.

Dylan McDermott was announced as Julian McMahon’s replacement shortly after news broke about Jess’ upcoming departure, even before Richard Wheatley’s time on Organized Crime had ended. Few details were available about the FBI agent he’d play on FBI: Most Wanted, but the first looks at him on the show included some information on the character as well. The actor will play Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott! Check out the first batch of official photos:

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The first photo seems like a pretty standard stoic shot of a TV FBI agent on the job, while the second appears to be a behind-the-scenes pic of Dylan McDermott with other members of the cast playing the Task Force agents (although with Roxy Sternberg missing as Barnes). Remy Scott is clearly on a case in the next picture, with what looks like a bloody door and some kind of evidence bagged up. He’s cracking a smile in the last photo on the bottom right, so at least fans can say that he’s not going to be brooding for his first full episode on April 12!

Dylan McDermott posted a photo of his own on Twitter, and it could suggest a darker side to Remy’s story if fans are meant to read anything into the gun on the table. Take a look at what the actor shared:

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The photos are enough to prove that Agent Remy Scott will be a very different character from Richard Wheatley despite Dylan McDermott playing both. The FBIs and L&O shows are connected thanks to a crossover between Chicago P.D. and FBI back in 2020, although McDermott won’t be the first or only star to play multiple characters in the franchise. He won’t even be the only series regular, as FBI’s Jeremy Sisto appeared on Law & Order back in its original run! 

Still, photos can only show so much, so it’s lucky that a promo has already released to preview what’s on the way in Dylan McDermott’s debut episode as Remy Scott:

It’s not quite clear what the case will be that brings Remy and the team onto the scene in this episode, as dead bodies and violent crimes aren’t exactly new to FBI: Most Wanted. Still, it looks like the show isn’t turning Remy Scott into Jess LaCroix 2.0, for better or worse. Showrunner David Hudgins revealed how Dylan McDermott will “reinvigorate” the Task Force, and his arrival will come after two episodes of the team operating without a leader

FBI: Most Wanted will introduce Dylan McDermott as SSA Remy Scott in the April 12 episode on CBS, airing at 10 p.m. ET following FBI: International at 9 p.m. and FBI at 8 p.m. If you want to relive Jess’ days on Most Wanted, you can find the full series so far streaming with a Paramount+ subscription

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