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Nancy Drew Director Shares Great Way The Season 3 Finale Throws Back To The Pilot

Kennedy McMann in Nancy Drew.
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Spoilers ahead for the Season 3 finale of Nancy Drew, “The Ransom of the Forsaken Soul” lie ahead. 

The Season 3 finale of The CW’s mystery drama Nancy Drew recently aired, and it was an intense hour filled with emotional twists. The Drew Crew tried their best to stop Temperance from casting a curse and destroying all of Horseshoe Bay, and the end result was just as intense as you’d think it would be. But that wasn’t all, as there were some throwbacks to the show’s very first episode, as revealed by one of the drama's directors.

Nancy Drew helmer Larry Teng used his Instagram to share a fun and nostalgic little tidbit with fans that connects back to the pilot episode. Teng said he wanted to honor Nancy’s journey and come full circle, so there were some moments from the first episode that were directly mirrored just for the season finale. And they show just how far everyone’s favorite investigator has come:

The photos include the Drew Crew meeting with Temperance and how it mirrors their meeting with father figures Carson and Ryan. There's also the parallels between Nancy trying to solve her mother’s murder and Ryan’s as well as the detective finding a home in Nick compared to finding a home in Ace. It's cool to see how the young investigator has evolved alongside the rest of the crew, and Larry Teng’s photos only show that this is just the beginning for them. It's been quite a ride, one that viewers can even revisit on HBO Max, along with plenty other titles on the streamer.

In the Season 3 finale, Nancy was able to defeat Temperance just before she cursed Horseshoe Bay, but it didn’t come without sacrifices. After taking a shard in the neck from a hatchet, Ryan died. And believe it or not, it actually got even sadder. After sharing a sweet moment, Nancy and Ace got into a major car accident, which ultimately killed the latter.

But in a twist, Temperance appeared and admitted to the heroine that none of the events were real and that they could all be prevented, on one condition. Said condition is that Nancy doesn’t kill the villain and, though Horseshoe Bay would get destroyed, she’d be able to have her happily ever after with Ace. On the flip side, if she does end the immortal woman and saves Horseshoe Bay, she and Ace can never be together. Drew initially lets the evil entity go and Horseshoe Bay is subsequently cleaned out by a tsunami. But ultimately, she ended up destroying her, saving the town and Ryan but at the cost of her relationship. 

By the end of the episode, the principal characters essentially go their separate ways. The lead character officially opens up Nancy Drew Investigations and getting a new case that brings her to a cemetery, with open coffins and no bodies. While there’s no word yet on a fourth season, I would be highly surprised if The CW didn’t renew the mystery series, because there's clearly plenty of story left to tell.

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