New Law And Order Lead Shares How She Started Her Career Guest-Starring On The Original Series

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The Law & Order universe has been around for over 30 years, from the original procedural to its multiple spinoffs, and the Dick Wolf creations have been a mainstay on primetime TV since 1990. With over 1,000 episodes in the franchise, a multitude of famous actors have been employed on the show in varying capacities over the years, some of which in the beginning of their career. This seems to be the case for the new revival’s latest new addition, The Practice vet Camryn Manheim, as she has now shared a sentimental post about how she got her career start guest-starring on Law & Order.

There’s something beautiful about the fact that Camryn Manheim is returning to her roots after decades of building up a successful career. She seems to be feeling a tad bit sentimental over her high-profile new gig, too, because she posted the announcement to her Instagram with a fairly heartfelt caption, saying she is “coming home.” Here’s how she put it:

I am over the moon to be joining the cast of Law & Order as Lt. Kate Dixon. My very first job on television was on Law & Order, so it feels like I’m coming home. New York, here I come!

Camryn Manheim will be teaming up with original cast members for the Law & Order revival, as her Lt. Kate Dixon is a brand new recurring character, unlike those she portrayed in her previous appearances all those years ago. The actress made a total of three appearances on L&O in the ‘90s, playing a different character each time. It’s been so long that we really don’t have to worry about getting her characters mixed up, and a pro like Manheim would make certain that didn't happen anyway. 

Camryn Manheim has been in all kinds of big TV shows since her debut on Law & Order, and her face is one you’d be able to recognize from a number of series, most notably including The Practice. The actress frequently plays characters who are in positions of power, and her tendency to be seen in a power suit only adds to that feeling of familiarity when she's seen on screen. Like her upcoming role as Lt. Kate Dixon, she also played a Lt. in the now canceled ABC series Stumptown. She's played the role of doctor many times, the principal in 2020's The F**k-It List, as well as different upper positions in the criminal justice system. And there's no reason to think she won't rule the roost on Law & Order as well.

The addition of Camryn Manheim’s character to the Law and Order revival comes with a loss, though. S. Epatha Merkerson’s Lt. Anita Van Buren is taking her leave from the series and is to be replaced by Manheim’s Lt. Kate Dixon. Merkerson was been a mainstay on Law & Order for almost the entire original run of the show, from Season 4 to Season 20. 

The upcoming Law & Order revival is currently filming and we can expect it to be back in full swing on NBC in February. The first episode is set to premiere on Thursday, February 24th at 8pm Eastern, and that's where we will presumably see Camryn Manheim’s return to the series for the first time in over 20 years. Not to mention some more familiar faces, like black-ish star Anthony Anderson, who are picking up where their characters left off.

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