Law And Order's Anthony Anderson Is Back On The Beat In First Look At Season 21

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Law & Order is coming back in a big way. The legal drama aired its 20th and then-final season back in 2010 and NBC is bringing the show back for Season 21. Anthony Anderson, who portrayed Detective Kevin Bernard in the final seasons of the series, is giving fans a first look at the highly anticipated upcoming season. 

Anthony Anderson took to Instagram with a peek behind the scenes at Detective Bernard back on the beat following an 11-year hiatus. Despite the long break in between Seasons 20 and 21, Anderson quickly got back into his Detective flow and it’s like nothing changed:

It’s nice to see Anthony Anderson back on set as a character he hasn’t played in over a decade! The revival was first announced October 2021, and it was a “dream come true” for legendary creator Dick Wolf. With Law & Order: SVU in its 23rd season and Organized Crime in its second, it was only a matter of time before another Law & Order series made its way back to NBC. The return of the flagship series vs. another spinoff initially came as a surprise, though!

Earlier this year, NBC was developing a new Law & Order spinoff, called For the Defense. While it looked like it was a sure thing that it would join SVU and Organized Crime on Thursday nights, the network ended up passing on the series. It was a question of what NBC would get to replace the series, and even though The Blacklist is currently filling that empty Thursday night slot, it will be moving back to Fridays in February for Law & Order to take its place.

Anthony Anderson isn’t the only Law & Order star returning to the series. Sam Waterston, who portrayed Jack McCoy for the majority of the series, is coming back to reprise his role. Additionally, Burn Notice’s Jeffrey Donovan was cast as a lead in the revival. He’ll play a new NYPD Detective. It’ll be nice to have some old and new faces in the 21st season.

The new season of Law & Order will be something to look forward to considering how much the world has changed since its original series finale back in 2010. It’ll be interesting to see just who will pop up in the series and how closely it will connect to SVU and Organized Crime. Hopefully Anthony Anderson will post more behind-the-scenes content to keep fans occupied until Season 21 premieres.

There’s no telling whether Season 21 will be the only season of Law & Order but at least we’re getting a new season after so many years! Just how will the show pick up after the events of the Season 20 finale, and what have the characters been up to since? Find out when Season 21 of Law & Order premieres on February 24, 2022 on NBC in the winter and spring TV premiere lineup!

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