Nick Cannon Reveals Ridiculous Birthday Prank He Pulled On Former AGT Co-Star Simon Cowell

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Pranking others on their birthdays is something Nick Cannon gets pleasure from. Any good friend of Cannon's can likely expect a high-profile practical joke from him at some point. The entertainer’s prank war with Kevin Hart entertained the masses for weeks and was filled with their silly and over-the-top gags. (Thankfully, no llamas or billboards were hurt in the process.) But now, Cannon has chosen to spread that love to his former America’s Got Talent family, as The Masked Singer host revealed the latest victim of his birthday prank fancy was AGT judge Simon Cowell

Even though Nick Cannon exited hosting duties on America's Got Talent some years back, and even though Simon Cowell probably isn't the first person people think of as a genial prank victim, Cannon couldn’t leave his former co-star out of the fun. The entertainer revealed on his syndicated talk show how he carried out his birthday prank tradition with Cowell.

Y’all know I love a good birthday prank […] I always send people crazy stuff. I had to send my man Simon something for his birthday. Just to make him feel at home. I sent [a British guard] to the set of America’s Got Talent down in Atlanta. It’s really a British guard. Hold my man down wherever he was at… That dude followed him around the whole time and didn’t say one word. I felt like it was a hilarious prank.

One can only imagine how Simon Cowell felt having such an official looking guard walking around him all day long while presumably providing little security. Nick Cannon’s prank on Simon Cowell did come with some other benefits besides awkward companionship, though. The Masked Singer host revealed he also sent a gift basket filled with some UK treats like PG tea, hoop chips, Heinz baked beans, ketchup crisps and butterscotch. Of course, being a comedian, Cannon referred to his gift to Cowell as “white people stuff.” And you can check out the white people in question below.

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Nick Cannon’s birthday prank seemed to be all in playful fun, of course. The host and comedian attempts to tailor his practical jokes to each victim, with Simon Cowell's roots obviously being inherent to the gag in this case. While the guard shadowing Cowell was funny, the gift basket added the right touch of thoughtfulness to honor (or honour) Cowell’s big day. As Wild ‘N Out host put it, he wanted to bring a bit of the UK to the British television personality as he works in the U.S.

Nick Cannon’s reveal came on a special day for him as the entertainer was celebrating his own birthday week. Check out how the entire prank on Simon Cowell came together in the clip below:

Spreading the prank love seems to be Nick Cannon’s way of keeping his friends close, and guards closer. Cannon needs to watch out as he may have another prank war on his hand if Simon Cowell gets clever with a response. Right now, Cannon is currently busy with his syndicated talk show and The Masked Singer Season 6, while Cowell is currently filming AGT: Extreme, which will premiere at some point during the midseason.

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