Who Is The Masked Singer's Mallard? Here's Our Best Guess

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Mallard's identity in Season 6 of The Masked Singer. Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer Season 6 is off to a great start and already revealed some big names in the first two episodes. It would appear that this season really upped the ante in terms of star power (as evidenced by Dalmatian's reveal as rapper Tyga), and that includes The Mallard, who is a pretty famous former reality television star who folks may know.

I have a very strong suspicion of The Mallard's identity, but after my failed guess with Mother Nature, I can't declare anything with 100% certainty. With that being said, there are a ton of clues that add up for Mallard, and all signs point toward his identity as none other than Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson. Let's go through the evidence below, which was all found in his debut performance.

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He's Dressed Like A Duck

Costumes for The Masked Singer contestants aren't always this on the nose, but in the case of the Mallard, the duck costume certainly is. All the panelists are hung up on Mallard being a country singer, and it'll be a real "duh" moment when he's unmasked and reveals that he's Willie Robertson. Ducks are a big part of what he and his family are known for, so no surprise he'd opt for that look if he had any say in the costume design.

Willie Robertson on Christmas episode of Duck Dynasty

Willie Robertson Has A Best-Selling Book And Platinum Album

Mallard's "platinum album" clue was definitely intended to steer The Masked Singer viewers in the direction of a country singer, but Willie Robertson also has a platinum album. Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas is the family's certified platinum Christmas album and features performances with Luke Bryan, George Strait, and other country music icons. As for the best-selling book mentioned in the clue package, Willie Robertson has a best-selling book he co-wrote with his wife (alongside writer Mark Schlabach) called The Duck Commander Family.

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Willie Robertson Is Friends With Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt appeared in a picture (not dressed as Mario, unfortunately) in Mallard's clue package, and the frame around it had the abbreviation for "best friends forever." It only took a bit of searching to uncover that Chris Pratt has hung out with Willie Robertson before in his town of Monroe, Louisiana. Pratt said he went frog hunting with Robertson and the gang, and referred to Robertson as his friend. That's about all the evidence I need to peg Mallard, but there's still more to share!

Willie Robertson on Conan

Willie Robertson Has Told The Mallard's "Human Jukebox" And Worm Farm Story

The final nail in the coffin on Mallard's identity is that Willie Robertson has told the stories about his first job as a worm farmer and how he made money on the school bus as a human jukebox. There's a chance that Mallard is someone else who had the exact same experiences in life, but the chance is very slim. I think with 98% certainty that we can shut the door on this mystery and say that Mallard is Willie Robertson.

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