Nick Cannon's Reaction To Epic Kevin Hart Prank Isn't Quite As Extreme As Expected

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The epic crossover we didn’t expect this summer is a prank war between standup comedian Kevin Hart and The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon, but here we are. This week, many might argue Hart took it too far by publishing Cannon’s number in multiple billboards across the country, leaving the personality’s phone to ring off the hook… and ring... and keep ringing. But from the looks of it, Cannon is kind of enjoying Hart’s antics.

On Thursday, Kevin Hart unveiled the prank on his Instagram, giving people around the world access to Nick Cannon’s cell phone number. On the evening of the billboard prank, Cannon shared his thoughts on the situation, and he doesn’t seem too bothered by it:

It sounds like Nick Cannon is somehow doing A-OK with his phone number being super public. While the easy fix would be to change your number and chuck that other phone out the nearest window, Cannon said he is ‘trying to keep it real’ and maintain his digits. As he shared previously, the TV personality was taking call after call all day. So much so that his phone couldn’t handle all the calls going through. He even made a video about it:

Nick Cannon had a full-time job Thursday taking calls to speak with fans despite not signing up for it by any measure. He was speaking with people all over the world including from Zimbabwe. The Masked Singer host was committed to answering his phone throughout the day, despite that leading to some technical difficulties.

By the end of the video, Nick Cannon tells a caller to “tell everybody” about his number. Given this reaction, I bet Kevin Hart is feeling a bit defeated that Cannon had such a positive attitude about his prank. Although it sounds like it was inconvenient for the star, he also took it as an opportunity to show his fans some love and talk to new people.

Kevin Hart’s prank had the upcoming Borderlands actor buying multiple billboard spaces for a sign that read “For any advice on father? Call my best friend Nick Cannon.” with his actual cell number and a picture of Hart next to a llama. That llama is what started it all since Cannon previously delivered that animal to Hart’s home on his birthday. Take a look:

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In the video, Nick Cannon instructed a pair of people to wear “Happy Birthday Kevin” t-shirts and bring him the llama with a message to “save the drama for the llama.” Nick Cannon said he sent it to the actor since he’s having “all these new kids” and figured he’d share the love. The video shows his wife showing some interest in welcoming the pet, but Hart was unamused at the gift.

We have to wonder if this prank war will continue. Kevin Hart is busy enough with his many projects, including a talk show with Peacock and a major deal with Netflix. For now, it doesn’t seem like Nick Cannon is jumping at changing his number, but maybe all the calls will fuel him up for another round of pranks.

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