Woman Married To Pirate Ghost Is Getting A Divorce

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Apparently, even non-traditional romantic relationships are just as difficult to maintain as other relationships. An Irish woman who was married to the 300-year-old ghost of a Haitian pirate has now come forward and announced that they are getting a divorce. Amanda Sparrow, 46, married her spectral suitor in 2016, but it appears that marriage was not the right fit for the couple.

According to The Irish Mirror, Sparrow (who's full legal name is Amanda Sparrow Large Teague) posted to social media recently that her marriage is over, and also offered a warning to those intrigued by spirit love.

So I feel it's time to let everyone know that my marriage is over. I will explain all in due course but for now all I want to say is be VERY careful when dabbling in spirituality, it's not something to mess with.

OK, there are a lot of angles to deal with here, but let me start by noting that I tried to find Sparrow's social media post which told of the end of her ghost / living human union, and couldn't find it. But, there are plenty of stories, and even video, of Sparrow detailing how this unlikely relationship began, so let's back track a bit and see how she got to the point where she would need to divorce a ghost pirate in the first place. And, before you ask, no, this is not the same woman who claims to have had sex with dozens of ghosts and is now looking to marry one and have a phantom baby. That woman is Amethyst Realm, and she still seems to be quite happy with her admiring apparition.

Now, back to Amanda Sparrow. In 2015, Sparrow (who describes herself on Twitter as "a white witch, spirit worker, author and known for marrying the spirit of a 300 year old pirate ghost") was writing a book based on piracy in the 1700s when she "felt a strange energy" around her. During an interview on the ITV talk show Loose Women, she told the hosts that the third time she felt this presence, she decided to try to communicate with it "to see who it was and what it wanted." By this point, Sparrow, who is also known for being a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator, had been involved in the spirit world for about nine years, so none of this seemed like a radical idea to her.

This third encounter, which took place in Sparrow's car (Why not. This ghost is 300, he's never been in a car before and I'm sure he was intrigued.) saw the ghost introduce himself, but Sparrow was suspicious because, as she says, "not all spirits are love and light." So, she spent roughly six months speaking with him to get verification that he was who he said he was. This pirate is, supposedly, Jack Teague, and Sparrow says he was executed by hanging in 1753 for helping slaves who were about to be traded escape. And, by the time Sparrow had enough evidence that Teague was who he claimed to be, they'd fallen for each other.

Getting married was actually a bit of a headache for the couple. It's illegal in Ireland and the U.K. to marry a deceased person, so Sparrow, her wedding party and her phantom fiancé had to charter a small boat, sail into international waters and have the service performed there in order to make their union legal. But, according to Sparrow, this wasn't the end of their issues.

The seas were quite rough that day, and many of the wedding party and guests got sea sick, so instead of a more expansive ceremony, they had to make do with the bare bones type of service one might expect from a courthouse wedding. To make up for this, because Sparrow was hoping for a more romantic, traditional service, the couple had a hand-fasting ceremony (which is an ancient Celtic wedding) in October 2017 with a much larger group of family and friends.

Previously, Sparrow had said that having chemistry with someone isn't dependent on them having a physical presence, and she felt chemistry with Teague, so it didn't matter that he no longer had a physical body. Sparrow, who was divorced previously and has four children, also noted before that the chemistry with Teague was "incredible" and said that sex with him was the best she's ever had. So, what went wrong?

If the social media post Sparrow supposedly wrote is to be believed, it sounds a lot like instead of the hot and heavy romance simply fizzling out, something bad and possibly even scary happened. She made sure to warn people to be especially careful when "dabbling in spirituality," because it's not something to mess with. And, remember that Sparrow herself was doubtful when approached by Teague, so even though her guard was up, things still went wrong.

Now, most of us have seen horror movies, and spirits are rarely depicted as being anything you'd want to spend so much time with that you'd go through the real-world difficulties of actually marrying one. But, I suppose people who work in the medium community would be more likely to give the phantasms who speak to them the benefit of the doubt. I, for one, would be having none of this.

With Amanda Sparrow's strong warning to tread lightly with this spirit business, I can't help but assume that Jack Teague did her dirty in some ghostly way. Maybe, despite all her original verification to the contrary, she found out that Teague isn't his name and he was never even a pirate in his lifetime. It's also possible that once she opened the door in this way to a spirit, he was able to invite others in without her permission. Can you imagine heading to bed at night and realizing that several ghosts you don't want to spend intimate time with are waiting to do just that with you? How do you stop them?

Sparrow told the Loose Women hosts that a friend of hers was, at the time, in a relationship with a ghostly friend of Teague's named William. What if Teague assumed he could pair off all his shady friends with friends of hers? To get even creepier, could it be possible that Teague actually had powers that he hid from Sparrow until they were married? What if possessing her was his ultimate goal? Or, worse still, leading an army of spirits into the bodies of women and men who had naively married them willingly? What if Teague and his minions were trying to take over the Earth and banish the living to the bowels of their own bodies, never to control anything again, even their own lives and destinies?

Obviously, I could go on and on with nightmare scenarios that may have led to the breakup of this unlikely union, but I'm also intrigued by the fact that Sparrow apparently said that she would go over the details of the divorce later. Is this just because the breakup is still fresh and it's hard to talk about the specifics right now? Or, is it because divorcing yourself from a spirit isn't as relatively simple as the marriage was? If a ghost isn't ready to part with you, how do you convince it to leave you alone? My guess is that Amanda Sparrow is in the process of employing all manner of mediums, ghost whisperers, psychics, clairvoyants and other practitioners of extrasensory arts in order to really banish Teague from her life.

Amanda Sparrow has been very open about the journey she's taken with her spooky spouse, so, hopefully, she'll let us know what happened with her marriage before long.

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