The Ghost Sex Lady Says She’s Engaged To One Of Them

During this spooky time of year, there are a lot of things, that people who wouldn't normally be willing to believe, might actually hear about and decide to just enjoy the idea of. While many of us are generally pretty reluctant to believe (or at least admit publicly that we do) in creepy things like ghosts, goblins, demons and other supernatural beings that go bump in the night, there is one woman who is not.

This woman has been very vocal in the past year about not only her feeling that ghosts are real, but her enjoyment of having sex with them and her desire to spend the rest of her Earthly life (and beyond) with one and give birth to its phantom baby. That woman is Amethyst Realm, and she has now revealed that a big part of her dream is about to come true. Realm is officially engaged to one of her ghostly lovers.

As you can see in the above video, Amethyst Realm doesn't make a big deal out of the fact that she's now engaged to a ghost, but she's clearly happy about it and looking forward to a future with her phantom fiancé. As she told the hosts of ITV's This Morning when she appeared on the show for its "Most Haunted Guests" Halloween episode, her engagement is still quite fresh.

Realm said that, just last weekend, the ghost with whom she's been in a serious relationship with for many months now, finally popped the question when they were on a trip. Apparently, the couple took some time away to visit Wookey Hole, which is a series of caves and attractions in Somerset, England. During the tour of the caves, her ghost (whom she says later on during the interview she has taken to calling Ray because she believes he showed himself in a photograph as a ray of light next to her) asked that she stay back when the rest of their tour group moved on at one point, and that's when he asked her to marry him.

According to Realm, this was a major moment for the mixed life couple in another way, because the moment Ray proposed marriage was also the first time she'd actually "properly heard his voice." Normally, she just sort of hears him in her head, but, this time, it sounded as though his voice was really spoken out loud as "Will you marry me" echoed through the cave.

Realm also spoke about her engagement to The Sun, and added that she had actually suggested a trip to Weston-super-Mare, a seaside town in Somerset, as their vacation spot. Then, as soon as she and Ray checked into the hotel there, he told her that he wanted to go to the caves at Wookey Hole, noting that, even though the attraction is about an hour away from where they were, "he was insistent" on taking the excursion.

I figure that this can only mean one thing. During Ray's time walking this Earth as a spirit (Realm has said that she believes he's quite ancient), he's somehow figured out that he can really make himself heard to mortals if he speaks inside of a cave. Ray has probably never told Realm this, because he knew that it would be unlikely that they would be hanging out in caves very often, and then when he decided to propose he figured a lovely way to totally surprise her would be to finally let her actually hear his voice. Because when you've been having sex with ghosts for years, having one talk to you, out loud, while you're mostly alone in a cave is probably no big deal...right?

Realm also told The Sun that Ray's voice was wonderful to hear, and that it was "beautiful. Deep, sexy and real." Which is awesome, because Realm and Ray have been dating for several months now, and if she finally heard his voice but he sounded like a squeaky cartoon character or a nerdy ancient entity who won't be able to change a flat tire for her, it might have just ruined the whole relationship.

Another tidbit that Realm shared with the newspaper is that fact that Ray didn't get down on one knee when he proposed. According to her, this isn't because they just aren't the traditional types (which would make more sense to me, considering their relationship), but because Ray doesn't actually have knees.

Alright, this has me very confused. Everything Realm has said about her spirit lovers, and Ray in particular, makes it seem like they are all basically humans who have died and are now ghosts. You know, regular ghosts. She has also said that sex with them is just like normal human on human sex (but more spiritual), which implies that they have...all the human parts for expected sexual activities. So, if Ray has a penis, but doesn't, somehow, have knees...well, I just don't understand what this means at all.

Is Ray really just a giant how-do-ya-do that's capable of projecting a voice while in a cave, even though he has no vestiges of a mouth or the other things that allow people to speak? No one who's spoken to Realm about this has asked for more concrete details on his knee-less, non-physical, physical being, so all I can do now is picture a groom at her wedding who possesses an extremely rude and straight forward shape. Forget not having an engagement ring yet, getting a whole tuxedo for that is going to be a real pain.

Just in case you thought this story couldn't get any more intriguing, I need to call attention to the fact that, when realm is asked on This Morning where Ray is during the interview, she says he's sitting right next to her and actually welcomes the hosts questions for him. So, one of the hosts asks Ray why he fell in love with Realm, all as the camera lingers on an empty spot on the sofa.

By far, the best part of the interview on This Morning is right as they're wrapping up and the talk of giving birth to ghost babies starts again, with the hosts noting that delivery should be a very easy proposition for Realm. Then, one host expels a large puff of air, punctuated by grandiose hand gestures, to signify the airy baby that Realm is hoping to have. I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched those few seconds at least a dozen times.

Ray and Amethyst Realm (Will he take her last name?) are currently planning a "big do" that will take place in the English countryside, and you can believe that we'll update you as soon as we hear that this most spiritual of wedding ceremonies has happened.

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