Million Dollar Listing Star Says Ghosts Kept Him From Having Sex In New House

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Buying a home is a big deal. People frequently spend years saving enough for a down payment, looking at houses, researching neighborhoods and meeting with real estate agents. Then, there's the time and cost related to packing up all your belongings, carting them to your new digs and getting everything set up exactly how you like it. Even if, like Million Dollar Listings star Josh Flagg and his husband Bobby Boyd, the process is easier for you, you'd still want to be able to get into your new home and enjoy it.

At no point would most home-buyers say, "I'd really like to move into this new place and have a ghost stop me from having sex," but, this is exactly the situation that Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd found themselves in not that long ago after purchasing a new home. Apparently, once the couple walked into their new home, they could no longer have sex. Here's what Boyd told Too Fab about the experience:

Well, when we walked into the house, we no longer could have sex, so we needed to get rid of the juju.

Ugh. Anytime someone invokes the word "juju" you just know a situation ain't right, don't you? And, while I'm game to believe they felt something off once they were in the house, I do have some questions. First off, did they not visit the property before buying it? I suppose it would make some sense that they didn't, seeing as how Josh Flagg is a well-known real estate mogul. It's possible they trusted the seller / former owner and saw enough photos of the house to make their decision that way. Clearly, though, that was a bad idea.

I'm also curious as to whether or not this effect was immediate. Did they literally walk in, get the ghost tingles, look at each other and say, "OMG. We cannot have sex if we stay here"? Or, did the phantom wait until the couple was about to get busy before it was like, "No, my dudes. Not in my house"? Either way, the couple at least spent one night in the home before taking extreme measures to try to rectify their spooky situation, which led to even more issues.

This is what Flagg had to say about the "dead people" feeling in the home, which went way beyond not being able to get it on, and into true horror movie territory:

Shit scratching me at night. Horrible. So bad that we literally had to rip all the walls out and move out for like, nine months. Awful.

Flagg posted to Instagram about how the couple tried to rectify the situation:

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Oh, it looks like Flagg wasn't kidding when he said they ripped out all the walls! Hopefully, the cleansing ceremony (if that's what you call it) did get rid of the scratching, anti-sex presence in the house, because I'm not sure that taking the walls down would be enough to do it. I mean, ghosts can walk through walls, so it's not like they need them to stick around...right?

Bobby Boyd and Josh Flagg seem to disagree on whether or not their specter has, indeed, skedaddled, but one thing is for sure: the couple has not moved back into the home yet. Honestly, though, can you blame them? I wouldn't want to take my chances. Maybe the original apparition is gone, but it left the door open for an entity that would rather enjoy some intimate time with the house's living inhabitants. Flagg and Boyd could be into that (it's been known to happen), but what if they aren't? Trouble would just start all over again.

Well, hopefully Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd will be able to move back in, or at least get a good price for the possibly still haunted house. Bravo hasn't made an announcement on Season 12 of Million Dollar Listings yet, but we've got a full list of everything else you can watch on TV when the new year rolls around.

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