Ryan Reynolds Reveals The A+ It's Always Sunny Episode That Made Him Reach Out To Current BFF And Welcome To Wrexham Partner Rob McElhenney

You never know how you’re going to make your next friend/business partner. That sort of scenario is even more unpredictable when you’re veritable workhorses like Welcome to Wrexham’s Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, the pair behind one of the most fun additions to the 2022 TV schedule

As it turns out, the friends who had never met before buying their own football club connected thanks to Reynolds DM’ing McElhenney out of the blue. The occasion: to congratulate him on an A+ episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Based on the description that Ryan Reynolds gave to Rob McElhenney as the latter co-hosted a special episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, it sounds like we have the Season 13 finale “Mac Finds His Pride” to thank for this new power pair. In his rundown of forging their Welcome to Wrexham partnership, Reynolds laid out how Mac’s big dance scene moved him: 

I kind of slid into your DMs. I saw Rob in one of the episodes of It’s Always Sunny. He did something that was absolutely spectacular. It was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. It was a dance sequence. all in black and white and in the rain. That was probably the pound for pound the most gorgeous, beautifully shot choreographed and performed three minutes I think I’d ever seen on television.

In “Mac Finds His Pride,” Rob McElhenney’s member of The Gang finally came out to his father, ex-con/perpetual jailbird Luther (Gregory Scott Cummins). Accompanying this moment is a dance sequence that shows off one of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s rare moments of emotional drama. What you’re about to watch is still a moment Sunny fans hold in high regard, almost four years after it happened: 

McElhenney’s work ethic certainly wowed Ryan Reynolds as well, which is saying something considering Reynolds’ own busy workload. There’s always some sort of iron in the fire for the Free Guy and Deadpool star, especially with the announcement of his fourth child with wife Blake Lively on the way. It didn’t stop Ryan Reynolds from reaching out to his Welcome to Wrexham partner, as he elaborated:

And I just, as I’m getting older, I’m thinking, ‘I gotta tell people when I appreciate them more.’ So I happened to follow you on social media, so I just DM’d you and I said, ‘What I just saw on your show was spectacular, it was one of [the most] moving things I’ve ever seen.’

The friendship between Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney is only the beginning of what you should know about Welcome to Wrexham. Knowing that this partnership spawned out of mutual appreciation that’s connected to a piece of art is something that makes their bond even more rewarding. It’s also a good reason to keep up with the antics of Wrexham A.F.C, as there’s bound to be some interesting developments coming from these like-minded friends. 

All 15 seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia so far can be enjoyed on the same streaming service that happens to be the home of Welcome to Wrexham: Hulu. So, any FXX fans without a Hulu subscription should correct that, in order to catch up on whatever you may have missed. 

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