Welcome To Wrexham: What To Know Before You Watch The FX Docuseries

In August 2020, the Apple TV+ original series Ted Lasso came along and introduced American audiences to the world of English Professional Football (or, soccer here in the States) with an endearing and wholesome show about a fish-out-of-water finding his place in a new world. Around that same time, Hollywood megastar Ryan Reynolds and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star and co-creator Rob McElhenney tried their hand at something very similar, but in real life, when they bought a Welsh football team.

The product of that venture is a new FX docuseries titled Welcome to Wrexham, which tells the story of how these two highly successful funny men became serious about a sport, and culture, they don’t fully understand. Here are a few things to know before you watch that surprisingly emotional story unfold.

Welcome To Wrexham Follows Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney As They Buy A Welsh Football Team

Welcome to Wrexham tells the tale of how Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney came to be the new owners of the third oldest professional sports team in the world, one that has become a part of the very fabric of the city in which it is based. In addition to exploring the history of the team, its place in the English Professional Football System, and the November 2020 purchase by the actors’ company RR McReynolds LLC, the series also focuses on the reasons why these two figures came together (and met each other for the first time) to carry out this awesome plan.

The Show Provides A Crash Course On The English Professional Football System

If you are under the impression that you won’t enjoy Welcome to Wrexham due to not being well-versed in the English Professional Football System (or, pyramid, as is noted in the first episode of the docuseries), don’t worry, because the show does a great job of breaking it all down. And yes, there are eye-catching colorful infographics and other animations to help better explain the system.

Reynolds And McElhenney’s Connection With The City Of Wrexham Is A Major Part Of The Docuseries

Another great aspect of Welcome to Wrexham is the connection that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have with the city of Wrexham itself. In the first episode, before the pair even head across the pond, they each talk about their own upbringings, which is shockingly similar to the lives led by those in the Welsh town. Entertaining and enlightening, this component of the series gives you an even greater appreciation of the actors and what they’re trying to do with Wrexham A.F.C.

Welcome To Wrexham Is Rated TV-MA For Language

Those who have watched some of Ryan Reynolds’ best movies or are all caught up with the best episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are fully aware that the new owners of Wrexham A.F.C. can be foul-mouthed. Because of that, Welcome to Wrexham carries a rating of TV-MA due to the language on display throughout (including a hilarious scene featuring Reynolds during post-production of the 2022 Netflix movie The Adam Project). 

Welcome To Wrexham Contains Eight Episodes

The story at the center of Welcome to Wrexham will be told over the course of eight, 30-minute episodes. There is no word on when or if there will be a second season, but be one the lookout if the show ends up being a success.

New Episodes Air Wednesdays On FX, The Next Day On Hulu

The first two episodes of Welcome to Wrexham premiered Wednesday, August 24, 2022, on FX, and those episodes became available to stream on Hulu the following morning. This will be the case for the remainder of the show’s first season, which will wrap up on Wednesday, September 14.

Stream Welcome to Wrexham on Hulu.

Well, that should be enough to get you started on Welcome to Wrexham, a wonderful addition to the list of great documentaries available on Hulu. If you want to know what else is coming to the small screen throughout the year, check out our 2022 TV schedule.

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