Sanaa Lathan Could Become The Fifth Black Guest Star Emmy Winner For Succession, But She Explains Why She Was ‘Annoyed’ When She Got The News

Sanaa Lathan on Succession 2022 Emmys.
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The Emmys race is heating up, and while frontrunners are starting to be identified, it’s still anyone’s game. One of these is Sanaa Lathan, who’s performance on HBO’s Succession nabbed her a 2022 Emmy nomination for Best Guest Actress in a Drama. If she wins, she will be the fifth black actress to take home the Emmy for guest starring on a show. However, at first, she wasn’t so happy to receive the call. 

When Emmy nominations were announced, the idea of being nominated didn’t even cross her mind. So when she got the news revealing she had been nominated, she was in no mood to be receiving a phone call. In speaking to a SAG-AFTRA Foundation Guest Actress Roundtable (via Newsweek), the Succession star said: 

I was on vacation in Colorado staying at a friend's house and got a call at like 9 in the morning and I was actually kind of annoyed.

I totally get it, nobody likes to be woken up when relaxing on vacation. However, Emmy nominations are definitely an exception. Once she realized the call was to tell her she had been nominated for an Emmy, Lathan’s mood quickly changed, saying:

I had no idea that there were nominations and I was like, 'Why are these people calling me so early?' And I get on, 'Congratulations.' 'For what?' 'You've been nominated.' 'For what?' 'An Emmy.' I said, 'For what?" I did not expect it. Such a surprise. Such a delightful shock and surprise.

What an incredible piece of news to receive when you are least expecting it. However, Lathan has no reason to be surprised. Her performance as Lisa Arthur, the high-profile lawyer Kendall Roy hires to defend him in a lawsuit against his father Logan Roy was incredible. I hope to see more of her in Season 4 as the Roy children -- SPOILER ALERT -- go toe-to-toe with their dad, who is determined to sell the media conglomerate, Waystar Royco. 

Succession has no shortage of Emmy nominees. The show nabbed a whooping 25 nominations for actors on the show, dominating almost every category in sheer numbers. Even in the best guest actress category, Lathan isn’t alone. Hope Davis and Harriet Walter are also nominated in the same category for the series, resulting in the HBO show taking up half of the category noms. This is familiar territory for the Emmy darling, as Succession has dominated categories in the past.

Whether or not Sanaa Lathan will be reprising her role in Succession next season is still undetermined, however we shouldn't have to wait too long to find out. Filming is already underway for the new season, and I can't wait. Succession is one of the best shows on HBO, and I know a lot of people are champing at the bit for new episodes.

You can check out Succession currently streaming exclusively for HBO Max subscribers. You can also catch the 2022 Emmys, hosted by Kenan Thompson, airing on NBC on September 12 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. To check out other Emmy nominated shows like Succession, check out where they can be streamed.

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