Saturday Night Live And Michael B. Jordan Threw Up A Big Middle Finger At Southwest Airlines

Michael B Jordan as a flight attendant on Saturday Night Live.
(Image credit: NBC/ Saturday Night Live)

Remember when Southwest Airlines cancelled all those flights right after Christmas? The customers affected certainly have not forgotten, and it looks like Saturday Night Live still remembers too. The classic late night show decided to take aim at the airline yesterday, and they did not hold back.

Host Michael B Jordan joined numerous cast members, who all played various Southwest employees in a fake commercial. At first, they sorta seemed to be taking accountability and trying to improve things, but as the spot progressed, it quickly became clear their solutions were only slightly less antiquated than what was in place before. You can check out the sketch, which went over very well with fans

For those of you who may have been out of the loop or weren't traveling over the holidays, Southwest Airlines unleashed an all-time costly tsunami of airport chaos between December 21st and December 29th. Some of the issues were originally brought on by poor weather, but an outdated internal management system for crew schedules led to mass confusion and a domino effect that kept getting worse until the airline cancelled over 5500 flights between the 25th and 26th and another 2300 on December 28th.

Customers were left stranded in airports. Baggage ended up all over the country, and the company's apologies didn't go over super well with those caught up in the disaster. So, it shouldn't exactly come as a shock that viewers were loving this middle finger to Southwest. The sketch quickly soared past 100,000 viewers on YouTube and also had a ton of positive response on Twitter.

After an extended hiatus around the holidays, SNL returned last week with Aubrey Plaza, who lit up the stage with her hilarious comedic timing and nods to one of her beloved characters. This week Michael B Jordan took his turn and, not surprisingly, performed very well in a variety of sketches including one about Jake From State Farm

The next upcoming SNL host is Game Of Thrones and The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal, who is of course winning over even more fans right now on The Last Of Us, which just premiered a few weeks ago on HBO and was recently renewed for Season 2. You can watch him take his turn on February 4th at 11:30 ET. 

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