Serena Williams Roasts Kevin Durant In New Video (And There’s Cooking Spray Involved)

Serena Williams and Kevin Durant
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In the sports community, athletes are bonded together by their competitive spirits and a mutual respect for one another. There have been plenty of occasions in which the biggest names in sports have shown each other love. Of course, in the midst of that admiration, there’s also room for some jokes, which can range from chuckle-worthy to downright hilarious. NBA superstar Kevin Durant has found himself at the receiving end of more than a few in his time, with the most recent jabs referring to his ashy ankles. Fans across social media took great pleasure in clowning him and, now, even Serena Williams has joined with an A+ gag involving cooking spray. 

Slam Online recently posted a shot of the Brooklyn Net’s shoes and, while the kicks were smooth, commentators believed an exposed part of his ankle looked rough. The part of the NBA champion’s leg did seem to be particularly dry, and the photo has since gone viral. Check out the basketball publication’s initial post down below:

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I mean, I’d never want to pile on and join in the insults (especially when they’re aimed at someone from my home state). But even I can’t ignore the fact that lotion would definitely do him some good in this case. But Serena Williams hilariously took things further when aiming to avoid the same kind of ash. She took to social media (via Overtime) to post a video that showed her using cooking spray to keep her leg moisturized. The idea is funny enough, but the post will really give you a nice chuckle:

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It’s a pretty savage joke but, after seeing that photo of Kevin Durant’s ankle, I’d say just about anyone would be rushing to grab lotion… or in this case cooking spray. You really have to give her credit for coming up with such a perfect jab. This is pretty on brand for the star tennis player as well, as she’s proven her sharp wit on social media and during press conferences

Of course, the former Oklahoma City Thunder phenom is more than aware of the Internet’s jokes and couldn’t help but share his own thoughts. The player, who has rarely minced words, shared some pretty direct thoughts on the matter. Check out his tweet down below:

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The post drew a myriad of responses from fans, with some continuing to clown him and others chastising him for his words. One user responded by saying, “That is a classy post!  Remember, kids that look up to you read this!” The small forward then clapped back using a phrase that was once made famous by Charles Barkley, "I am not a role model".  

One could say that Kevin Durant is taking the criticism as well as could be expected. But let’s be honest, he’s been in situations that were even more embarrassing. There was that time he accidentally hit an old lady while making a pass, after all. Of course, in time, this ankle situation will pass as well but, for the moment, Serena Williams can chalk up a W for herself in the jokes column.

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