Some Jeopardy Fans Were Left Flummoxed After Tech Glitch Spoiled Final Jeopardy Mid-Episode

Jeopardy! is a game that can stump contestants and its viewers (even the famous ones) with its challenging clues and categories, but it’s not often that audiences become confused by the actual broadcast itself. Game show fans are known to fill up social media with hot takes about baffling contestant errors, a number of Jeopardy! viewers took the classic series to task when some kind of editing glitch revealed the result of the game between rounds, leaving those at home potentially more puzzled than those trying to win the game. 

The moment happened during the Jeopardy! episode that aired on March 28th, and takes a bit of explaining to understand. Essentially, the episode's final edit inexplicably inserted a shot of the contestants' final scores, despite the fact that Double Jeopardy hadn't even been played out, thus ruining the result of the game for those who saw it. 

TV Insider added that another glitch occurred the following day on the March 29th episode and that the Final Jeopardy! played through once at that episode's mid-point , and then again at the end of the episode. Suffice to say, people were confused and wondered exactly how this happened. 

Mistakes in shows happen all the time, and we learned in recent years that even the largest shows in television history aren’t immune to the occasional editing mistake. Even so, it almost feels worse for Jeopardy! to accidentally spoil the final result of its episode, considering that’s a big part of why people tuned in.

Jeopardy! doesn't appear to have shared any responses on social media or on its blog about the incidents, and to be fair, the episode aired the day after Chris Rock and Will Smith's Oscars drama (which is sin the apology stages at this point, as well as the delayed projects stage), so it wasn't exactly the wildest TV faux pas in comparison. Also, while the editing mistake isn’t the best look for a game show, accidents do happen. This isn’t a mistake that really warrants any extreme admonishment from viewers, and most responses on the web about it are more out of curiosity than actual outrage or anger. Which is a nice change of pace from arguable rulings and 

Besides, it seems most people are more concerned about if or when Jeopardy! announces its full-time host, then who will answer for an editing mistake. As of now, Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings are still splitting responsibility between hosting duties. The two’s agreement to host ends following the conclusion of Season 38, and it’s unknown how much longer it’ll go after that. Hopefully, the series can figure out its permanent hosting situation soon (and end the endless takes and opinions on the matter) and maybe ensure future editing mistakes don’t impact the quality of the series. 

Jeopardy! airs in syndication on weekdays, so check your local listings for the station and time. The show is always a great pre-game to primetime television fun for me, personally and allows me to get psyched for whatever new TV shows are arriving that night!

Mick Joest
Content Producer

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