Terri Irwin Paid Tribute To Steve Irwin On What Would Have Been Their 30th Wedding Anniversary (And Bindi Had A Sweet Post Too)

Terri Irwin and Bindi Irwin
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The legacy of the late beloved crocodile hunter Steve Irwin lives on today, especially through his family, who frequently pay tribute to the late television personality. They especially carve out time to do this on special occasions and, Just recently, Terri Irwin celebrated her and her late husband's 30th wedding anniversary, and daughter Bindi shared a sweet post as well.

Steve Irwin died suddenly in 2006, a development that was definitely a shock to many across the world. So the affectionate posts from his wife and kids are always so lovely to see, and these latest ones were particularly heartwarming. Terri Irwin took to Twitter to share a sweet photo of her and Steve for their 30th wedding anniversary, noting what an “adventure” it was -- and continues to be:

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The two TV stars were married only 14 years before his untimely death, but the love they shared will surely last forever. Many would probably agree when I say that her hubby would be incredibly proud of how what their family has accomplished in regard to wildlife preservation over the years. While she would surely love to still have her husband with her, the Irwin matriarch can definitely take comfort in knowing that she's continuing the work of the man who brought so much joy to so many people.

Of course, Bindi Irwin has also proven to be incredibly sentimental when she wants to be. The young woman, who has greatly taken on her father's legacy, went on Instagram to celebrate her parents and posted a funny, but sweet, photo of them:

Bindi Irwin, along with brother Robert (who once introduced Jimmy Fallon to sloths), has frequently honored her father's legacy in a number of ways, including giving her daughter a name that pays tribute to the late crocodile hunter. She's also penned sweet messages and tributes on the anniversary of his death, letting him and the world know that he is always on her mind. And when Irwin competed on Dancing With the Stars in 2015, she and partner Derek Hough performed a beautiful and emotional tribute to the older Irwin that earned a 25 out of 30. Her remembrances of her dad are even more touching considering the late Irwin's relationship with his own parents.

When they're not posting tributes to the late patriarch, the Irwin family is incredibly busy, as viewers have likely seen on their reality TV show, Crikey! It's the Irwins. In it, they conduct their work at the Australia Zoo, where fun hijinks tend to occur now and then. (Episodes are now streaming on Discovery+).

Aside from the hard work they put in each day though, it's lovely to see that the now-married Bindi Irwin can share these experiences with her own child as her father once did with her. I imagine that's something that as she looks back on the relationship that yielded her brood,Terri Irwin likely appreciates that, and I'm sure Steve would love it as well.

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