The Rehearsal: 6 Quick Things To Know About The HBO Show Before You Watch

Nathan Fielder on The Rehearsal
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Have you ever been in a position where you dread some kind of upcoming event or uncomfortable situation and would like to know all the possible outcomes ahead of time? Wouldn’t it be nice to take all the uncertainty out of the unknown and see how every potential outcome could play out? This may not be an option for most of us, but the few people lucky enough to be a part of Nathan Fielder’s new HBO series The Rehearsal find themselves in this very position. If you’ve heard about one of the most unique 2022 new shows and would like to know more about it before you watch it with your HBO Max subscription, stick around because we’re about to break it all down.

The Rehearsal Follows Nathan Field As He Prepares People To Make Major Life Decisions

Each episode of The Rehearsal sees creator and host Nathan Fielder, who once gave Eric Andre some great advice, as he prepares people to make major life decisions. During the new HBO show’s debut episode, Fielder helped a man named Kor Skeet get the courage and prepare himself to make a confession about a lie he had been telling his trivia group for a number of years. And that's just the beginning.

This Includes Building Extravagant Sets And Hiring Actors To Create Hypothetical Situations

To better help his clients prepare for their upcoming uncomfortable situation, Nathan Fielder and his team build extravagant sets that are exact replicas of the locations where they will meet the person they'll interact with at the end of the episode. On top of that, actors are hired to stand in for the person the subject will confront as well as random extras to serve as patrons of the bar, restaurant, or park they are visiting.

The Show Is Uncomfortable And Humorous At The Same Time

There are times where The Rehearsal is humorous and others where is undeniably uncomfortable, but the show finds its stride when these two qualities are used together. There will be situations in the first episode that are so awkward you'll want to look away from the screen, but the show does find its humor in these tricky and sometimes overly uncomfortable situations.

Fans Of Nathan Fielder’s Previous Shows Like Nathan For You And How To With John Wilson Will Feel At Home

Those who are familiar and enjoy Nathan Fielder’s other projects like the great but oft-overlooked Comedy Central series Nathan for You or HBO’s must-watch documentary series How to with John Wilson will feel right at home with The Rehearsal as the new show has the same sense of humor and presentation. But if you haven’t checked out those shows before, you can do so right now as both are two of the shows that you might not have discovered on HBO Max.

Season 1 Of The Rehearsal Premiered On July 15, 2022

The Rehearsal’s six-episode first season premiered Friday, July 15, 2022 on HBO. If you want to get caught up before the next episode drops, you can check out the series premiere right now on HBO Max.

Stream The Rehearsal on HBO Max.

New Episodes Of The Rehearsal Come Out Fridays On HBO

Once you get all caught up you can watch new episodes of The Rehearsal when they air at 11 p.m. ET Fridays on HBO. The Season 1 finale is set to air Friday, August 19.

Hopefully this clears things up for Nathan Fielder's incredibly funny and awkward The Rehearsal.

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