The WWE Reportedly Just Gave One Superstar A Big Contract Extension

Kevin Owens on Monday Night Raw
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The WWE lost a lot of talent in 2021, with some of it by choice, though that wasn't the case for all. Big names like Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole rejected opportunities to renew their contracts with Vince McMahon’s organization, choosing to later join up with Cody Rhodes and other former WWE stars over at AEW. The numerous departures across 2021 resulted in fans keeping a close eye on other Superstars with expiring contracts, with one high-profile athlete recently seeming like an easy get for the rival organization. Unfortunately for AEW's Tony Khan, such speculation isn't even relevant, as the WWE reportedly gave Kevin Owens a big contract extension. 

Kevin Owens’ contract was reportedly set to expire in early 2022, but Fightful Select reported the news that the WWE and Owens worked out a deal for a multi-year contract. It’s a huge win for the WWE, if confirmed, as it essentially secures a future with one of its top stars, and at a time where competition with AEW may only heighten as 2022 goes on. No specific amount was revealed behind the deal, but reports indicated WWE was quite pleased with what both sides agreed upon. 

It’s a surprising turn of events, considering Kevin Owens dropped hints he’d be down to join former stablemates Adam Cole and the Young Bucks at AEW. The still-young company's execs reportedly had an interest in signing Owens, but the amount that WWE offered him likely wouldn't or couldn't have been matched/exceeded by AEW. It’s surprising to hear, and it also definitely makes one wonder what the WWE’s long-term plans are for Owens. 

Kevin Owens entered the WWE as a white-hot star via NXT, and the brand treated him as such when he finally made his main roster debut. Owens got clean pins over superstars like John Cena and quickly obtained the Intercontinental Championship not long into his run. He’s since amassed the U.S. title three times and was the second superstar ever to win the Universal Championship. As time went on, Owens fell back into the mid-card scene, though he recently re-entered main event status with a feud against WWE Champion Big E that is set to be resolved at the upcoming Day 1 pay-per-view. 

Back when analysts assumed Kevin Owens was on his way out of the WWE, the Day 1 pay-per-view seemed like just a formality where Owens would eat a pin by Big E for a fitting final match to end his run in the WWE. Now that he’s reportedly set to remain in the company for a longer stretch, I’m definitely thinking Owens could be booked to win Day 1, and may enjoy another championship run in the WWE throughout early 2022. That’s something fans of Owens have begged to see for quite a while now, so expect some strong reactions should he take that title from Big E at Day 1. 

Kevin Owens appears on Monday Night Raw, which airs over at USA on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. The WWE retaining Owens is a big win in the organization’s feud with AEW, though we’ll wait and see just how many other superstars it can keep or even poach from other organizations in 2022. 

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