This Is Us Has Some ‘Surprising’ Plans For Cassidy And Kevin After Jennifer Morrison’s Return

Justin Hartley and Jennifer Morrison in This Is Us.
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Spoilers ahead for Season 6, Episode 5 of This Is Us, “Heart and Soul.”

The newest episode of NBC’s This Is Us included Rebecca finally moving on from Jack, plus Kevin possibly moving on from Madison. With Nicky overseeing construction of the new Pearson family cabin, he invited over his future wife Edie for the night, which led Kevin to invite Cassidy. Jennifer Morrison’s return as the army vet delivered some sweet moments for Cassidy and Kevin, so what does this mean for the two of them? 

Kevin and Cassidy hung out quite a lot but when Kevin tried to bring back that romantic spark that was once between them, Cassidy brought him down. She noted that there is no reality to a relationship working between them, as his inner darkness is not the same as hers. He is chasing the wrong blonde in the wrong city. Cassidy clearly cares for him but she wants the best for him, and doesn't think that means her.

Julia Brownell, who wrote the episode and co-executive produces This Is Us, talked to Deadline about the “will they, won’t they” aspect of Kevin and Cassidy. While Jennifer Morrison will be back, the friends won’t have the kind of fairytale ending that fans were used to seeing in Morrison’s ABC series Once Upon a Time:

A lot of people out there are closet Kevin-dy heads! (I made that up. Cassid-in heads? This is a tough one. Still workshopping.) I will say this is not the last you see of Cassidy. She’ll take Kevin up on his offer to help out with the cabin, and continues to be a part of Kevin and Nicky’s lives in a surprising way. But we also wanted to be truthful to the experience of a young war veteran, and that perhaps ‘easy fairy tale romance with handsome movie star heals everything’ might be an oversimplification of this character of Cassidy, who we have all taken great care to create and love so much.

Despite a turn in their relationship, Kevin did ask Cassidy to help out around the cabin, and kind of keep an eye on Nicky. So it is nice to know that that Cassidy will still do that. The famous Pearson has not had the best of luck with relationships, and Cassidy merely wants to stay out of it and hopes he does find “the one.” Even though it looks like that “Kevin-dy” will not happen, hopefully their friendship will stick.

Meanwhile, Kevin was not the only one trying to have a relationship with someone. In flashbacks, Rebecca and Miguel went speed dating so Rebecca could “have a life.” In the process, she met Matt again, and the two instantly connected. They went out for coffee, though after Rebecca came home, Kate was not so happy. She and her mother got into a fight, hands were thrown, words were said, and Rebecca grieved to Miguel on the phone in yet another heartbreaking performance by Mandy Moore.

The episode was another emotional one and the show will likely only get even more emotional as we get close to the end of the season and the series. Hopefully Kevin and Cassidy’s relationship will still remain a close one, and that Kevin finds the right blonde in the right city. And hopefully we also get some of that resolution we were promised! In the meantime, This Is Us is off for the Winter Olympics but will return on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 9 p.m. EST on NBC. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what other shows to catch.

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