This Is Us Actor Promises One Of The ‘Saddest Moments’ For Miguel And Rebecca In Season 6

Jon Huertas in This Is Us.
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NBC’s This Is Us is jam packed with emotional and heartfelt moments, but the upcoming sixth and final season of the multi-timeline series apparently has plenty more moving moments to come. In fact, This Is Us star Jon Huertas reveals that the final chapter contains maybe the most heart-wrenching moment of the entire series for his character Miguel and Pearson matriarch Rebecca. 

Miguel and Rebecca have quite the controversial relationship for fans, which isn’t surprising seeing as Miguel was Jack Pearson’s best friend and he ended up marrying his widow. Some fans still haven't quite accepted the dynamic between the two, especially with Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack coming back into the picture regularly in flashback scenes. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jon Huertas promises one of the “saddest moments” between Miguel and Rebecca that will have fans finally understanding just why the two characters should be together. Here is what he says, exactly:

It's one of the saddest moments that I've felt as a character, as an actor, and even as an audience member and a fan of the show, too. This moment was so tough, so sad, that I think [it] will really help propel people into having their minds open to, 'Oh my God. We kind of want these two together.' As weird as it was in season 1, episode 2 to see these two together, this moment, I think, will make people go, 'They should be together.'

This is kind of refreshing to hear. Because even with the strange dynamic of the two characters, I really want to like them together. Miguel really is a sweet character who tries to toe the line between being a good husband and honoring the memory of his late best friend.

Apparently it’s not just the fans that could be in for some heartbreak, as Jon Huertas says the other lovable characters have some surprises in store for them surrounding the two characters. This makes sense, as Miguel’s children never really accepted his new marriage either, and it could be those characters he is referring to. Here it is in his own words:

There's a surprise. It surprises all of the other characters as well. And that's what causes the — it's not a rift, it's just a, 'Hey, we've gotta look at this differently. This is something different, what we're feeling, what we're experiencing.'

Honestly, it’s about time the story of how Miguel and Rebecca formed such a strong romantic bond is told, because the show has taken it’s time on explaining how such a relationship could even come about. In the same interview, Jon Huertas gives some hope that this will be resolved in a “beautiful” way, saying:

I think the audience will understand how something as profound as a relationship between a best friend and his best friend's widow could even happen. And the way that the writers have gone about it, it's so beautiful. We take our time, and it's just beautifully told.

If you’re a fan of This Is Us, chances are you’re also a fan of heart-wrenching storylines, and it certainly sounds like Season 6 won’t disappoint on that front. This Is Us: The Final Chapter premieres on NBC on January 4th at 9pm; be sure to have the tissues ready. 

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