Todd Chrisley Speaks Out Against Former Business Partner Who Spread Gay Affair Allegations

Todd Chrisley and his family find themselves in a new and somewhat uncertain phase of their lives due to recent legal troubles the heads of the family are experiencing. Back in June, Chrisley and his wife, Julie, were found guilty on charges of tax evasion, bank fraud and more. Though the two parents from Chrisley Knows Best can only say but so much as they await sentencing, they have been candid about a few details. More recently, Todd spoke out against his former business partner, who spread rumors that they had a gay affair. And the reality TV star did not mince words on the matter. 

For context, amid the couple’s trial earlier this summer, Mark Braddock – Todd Chrisley’s former business partner who turned him and Julie into the FBI – testified about an alleged gay affair. Per Braddock, he and Chrisley had been intimate for about a year during the 2000s and subsequently remained good friends until 2012, which is when the Chrisleys fired him. Braddock also claimed that he and Chrisley paid $38,000 to a blackmailer, who threatened to expose the purported affair. 

Mark Braddock, however, also admitted on the stand that he was seeking revenge against Todd and Julie Chrisley for firing him. While speaking on the Chrisley Confessions podcast, Todd Chrisley used that information as the basis for his assertion that the “truth” would win the day. Chrisley referenced Braddock’s testimony while noting questions that his attorney asked his former colleague. From there, Chrisley brought up the gay affair accusation while questioning Mark Braddock’s character: 

This is the same person that claimed that he had a sexual relationship with me and that I didn't want to do it anymore. Well, that’s the only honest thing that he said. He's never touched me. Never knew the man was, I guess, gay or bisexual, whatever he is. Who knows what he is because you can't believe anything that he's saying.

While Todd Chrisley stated that he and his wife were never “hurt” by the rumors, it’s clear that he took great issue with them. Chrisley, however, also said that he’s “learned to pray for those that have been misled.” He went on to express his hope that he and Julie’s “truth” will come to light:

I know that punishment is coming, and maybe punishment is not the right word. I know that the truth will eventually rise to the top, and I know that we will have survived the lies because God has put that in my spirit. I'm filled with the Holy Spirit. I know, and I have a peace that God is working overtime. Satan will never outwork God.

Despite his optimism, Todd Chrisley previously revealed that he’s been “struggling” in some regards as of late. Something he was also recently candid about was how he takes issue with those who say they understand his legal situation. Additionally, Chrisley has been reflective, even opening up about a time in his life in which he was a “slave” to money.

He and Julie Chrisley do seem to have the support of their children during this time, though, amid reports suggesting that the family is still trying to cope with the guilty verdict. The Chrisleys are currently set to be sentenced on November 21 and face up to 30 years in prison. As of right now, it remains to be seen as to whether the alleged “truth” regarding Mark Braddock’s affair accusations and more will reach the surface.

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