Todd Chrisley Admits He's 'Struggling' In Wake Of Guilty Verdict, But His Marriage Is Apparently Better Than Ever

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During the trial of Todd and Julie Chrisley back in June, the reality TV couple was accused of swindling more than $30 million from community banks over the years by means of inflating their income on applications and avoiding paying taxes to the IRS. They had 12 counts in total between them, to include Julie’s standalone charges of wire fraud and obstruction of justice. The jury eventually found them guilty on all accounts. The strain of the situation could’ve complicated their 26-year-long marriage somewhat, especially considering that they are now both under house arrest together. But think again – because while Todd admits he’s “struggling” in the wake of the guilty verdicts, he says his marriage is apparently better than ever.

Todd Chrisley Gets Real On His Biggest Internal Battle

Todd Chrisley revealed this insight in the July 22 episode of their joint podcast, Chrisley Confessions, where they regularly offer advice and take voicemails from their dedicated fanbase. Todd and Julie Chrisley first broke their silence on the fraud trial outcome on the podcast. Since then, the two have kept up the tradition of only referencing their legal woes in the most general of terms as they continue to pursue an appeal. 

Such was the case again in the Chrisley Knows Best stars’ newest conversation, which focused initially on the topic of “vengeance” and praying on their supposed enemies’ downfall. Julie was adamant that she has no ill will toward anyone who has wronged them, yet Todd claimed that it’s been a bit of learning curve for him personally:

That’s why I say that you’re a much better person than I am because you are further along with that. And I’m still struggling with that. I think that because I have thought my whole life – trying to make sure that I’m treated fairly or that people that I love are treated fairly or that people that are doing bad are called out for it. And now I realize that it’s just not my job. I look back on our life because we’ve had a fairly good life. We’ve had a lot of heartache and struggle, but we’ve had a lot of blessings. … I look back at life now and I just think that we have so many people that come to us and want help and they want advice and they want to know how did you get through this. And folks I want to tell you, I don’t know. I don’t know how we got through it, other than God.

The unfair treatment comment from the dad of five is possibly a reference to their former business partner, Mark Braddock, who cooperated with the FBI on the fraud investigation. Braddock alleged in court that he was complicit with the Chrisleys’ schemes and even forged bank applications on their behalf as a way for them to keep up on their insanely expensive monthly lifestyle.

On Chrisley Confessions, in his usual down South way of speaking, Todd explained that he no longer wants to set a place at his dinner table for “Satan and his support staff.” Put another way, he added that their “discernment has been lacking” of late in the company they kept. Nevertheless, the 53-year-old patriarch had shared previously that he’s been steadily working on himself since the “ordeal” of the trial and the bombshell allegations from it.

Chrisley Couple Stand In Solidarity Following Fraud Trial

Evidently, the biggest silver lining to their fraud and tax evasion troubles has been that their relationship as husband and wife isn’t totally falling apart. With custody of their younger children at home up in the air and the 30-year maximum prison sentence on the line, it isn’t hard to imagine any marriage folding as a result. But for the Chrisleys, it’s supposedly the complete opposite. Todd revealed on the podcast that when a friend checked in on how they were faring, he said, “I think that this has actually made our marriage stronger.” This friend apparently couldn’t see how that was possible, given that their fates are seemingly “glued” (or tied) together. Todd continued,

I said, but you can have glue that you know you’re stuck together [because] of children or you’re stuck together because it’s routine or whatever. I said, I think that we are stuck together, I know from my perspective that I’m stuck to her for life because I want to be — not because it’s routine, not because it’s habit and not because we have children.

Julie Chrisley remarked that this doesn’t mean that their marriage is “perfect,” but she still doesn’t want to share these burdens “with anybody else” but Todd. He in turn added that the only downside to their supposedly idyllic life, captured as recently as Season 9 of Chrisley Knows Best, is the “outside interference” of other people. Again, this appears to be another dig at Mark Braddock, who also alleged that he and Todd had a love affair in the past. The latter stated on the podcast that their friends actually apologized personally for introducing them to this he-who-must-not-be-named former confidante who allegedly did them dirty.

We await the October 6 sentencing date for more indication on how the rest of Todd and Julie’s marriage will play out – in bars or in vindication. They still attest that it will be the latter because the real truth will soon be “revealed.” In the meantime, check out new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best airing on Thursdays on the USA Network as part of the 2022 TV schedule!


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