Viola Davis Has The Perfect Response To How To Get Away With Murder TikTok Challenge

Viola Davis on How to Get Away with Murder
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Though a year has passed since How to Get Away with Murder signed off, the show is still having an impact on pop culture. Many of the ABC drama’s best moments have been turned into treasured quotable moments and memes online, courtesy of Gen Z. But there’s one recurring moment from the show that has taken TikTok by storm – Annalise Keating’s infamous walk in high heels. Fans have taken it upon themselves to turn the walk into a challenge. And, of course, HTGAWM star Viola Davis took notice and responded in the perfect way.

The Suicide Squad star took to Twitter to let fans know she’s OK with the viral challenge. Her character's exits were infamous, as the actress herself isn’t a huge fan of high heels, and it showed. Thankfully, she was more tickled by Gen Z’s take on her notorious HTGAWM walkaways than angry or displeased. The Oscar winner showed she doesn’t take herself too seriously by sharing a TikTok video featuring some of her previous comments as well as a few hilarious moments from the challenge as seen below:

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Don’t we all end up walking like Annalise Keating after a long day of work, though? Your feet are tired, and you’re mentally exhausted. All you want to do is sit down in your favorite chair with a nice drink (or a whole bottle in Keating’s case) and relax. Some of those videos were well done, as they got every detail of the infamous strut right, down to how she carried her bag in the scenes. Check another hilarious “Walk like Annalise Keating” challenge below:

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after being in heels all night it’s only right #NissanShowUp #fyp

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You have to love that Viola Davis has a sense of humor about the challenge. A different kind of star could've taken issue with it, which could've led to more jesting from the masses. As the clip showed, Davis was aware of how viewers joked about her stumbling high heel walk, and her brutally honest comments are hilarious. 

Every Thursday night, viewers could always count on Annalise Keating’s legendary walkaways after either a powerful monologue or a vicious takedown. It’s what HTGAWH devotees lived for. While many clowned both the character and the actress for it, the signature stroll spoke to the dual reality powerful women must balance. They, like Keating (and her portrayer), must boss up like their male counterparts in the workplace while still channeling their femininity to appease societal norms. As the Emmy winner mentioned, she wanted to portray a real working woman. And as the show went on, viewers could indeed see the troubled attorney win every case, by any means necessary.

It definitely appears that Viola Davis knows How to Get Away with Murder is still beloved by its fans. If you want to relive some of Annalise Keating’s best walkaways, you can stream the ABC drama on Netflix and Prime Video.

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