How To Get Away With Murder Series Finale Revealed If Annalise Is Dead, And Wow

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the series finale of How to Get Away with Murder! Come back once you've caught up.

Well, folks, it's finally that time. We are down to the wire, and have finally learned what has happened to the merry little band of murderers, liars and manipulators led by Annalise Keating on How to Get Away with Murder. After six seasons of deception, mayhem and crazy-ass twists galore, everyone's dirty dealing and criminal ways are catching up with them, but the biggest question for tonight's series finale was just what happened our morally suspect leading legal lady. And, what do you know, Annalise is dead when the series wraps but it doesn't go down how you think it will. Let's dig in!

First and foremost, we have a big ol' scary trial to worry about, don't we? Annalise's students have, for the most part, sold her out long ago (the ones who are still alive, anyway), so she's left looking like the worst of the bad apples who brainwashed them all into committing some truly heinous acts. But, surprise of surprises, Annalise actually manages to win her case and triumph over the governor, but all is, obviously, still not well.

You'll remember all those gunshots and the flashes of horrified and crying faces that we saw in the promo for the finale? It turns out that there was a lot of shooting going on, but none of that was directed at Annalise. There was a shooting on the courthouse steps, but instead of our legal eagle going down, we saw Frank shoot the governor, even though Bonnie really did try to stop him.

Then, because it's kinda hard to shoot someone in public like that and, you know, get away with murder, Frank was shot and died in Bonnie's arms, with a frantic Annalise by their side as it happened. In all the public gunplay, though, our fierce, murderous Bonnie was also hit, and she dies from her wounds as well, meaning that we can add another two people to the insanely high body count on this show.

"So, what in the hell happened to Annalise?!" I can hear you yelling into the void that is of one of those old-style TVs that was built into a cabinet. As I noted earlier, she is dead as dead can be, but, even with all of her machinations over the past several years, no one killed her. That's right, folks. All of those shots of Annalise's funeral and headstone from previous episodes in Season 6 were actually flash-forwards. Annalise actually managed to die of natural causes as an old woman. I. KNOW!

Her funeral gave us shots of several aged-up characters, including Eve, Laurel, Connor, Oliver and Christopher. And, because I know you're wondering, yes, the man we saw in the promo who looked like Wes was really Laurel and Wes' son, Christopher Castillo. Why would he be at Annalise's funeral? Well, because she was his mentor and he became a law professor at Middleton Law School, just like her, and is now teaching her old "How to Get Away with Murder" class, but, hopefully, with a lot less real life murder. I mean, let's hope the young man learned some lessons from how Annalise lived her life, right?

So, it might seem anti-climactic for the leader of this pact of liars to be able to get away with all her dirt, but at least she didn't actually kill anyone and get away with it. There were plenty of punishments to go around for the Annalise, the Keating kids and other assorted wrong-doers on How to Get Away with Murder, so let's just all be glad that the ride was long and never, ever boring.

How to Get Away with Murder is streaming on Hulu (along with other great content this month) and Netflix, so you can relive the series, but if you need to explore your next viewing options, check out our guide to summer TV!

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