Watch SNL Vet Will Ferrell Give The Crowd More Cowbell During Performance With Marc Anthony

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Saturday Night Live has been giving fans the best of the best with sketches over the last several decades. One of those is the iconic “More Cowbell” sketch from 2000 starring Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell. The sketch has been a favorite to fans for over 20 years and Ferrell brought more cowbell during a recent performance with Marc Anthony. 

Earlier this week, Marc Anthony appeared at the Maestro Cares gala in New York to present Will Ferrell with the MC Courage to Care Award. The organization provides healthy and loving environments for orphaned and disadvantaged youth in Latin America and the United States. Via Anthony’s TikTok, while taking the stage, Ferrell gave fans a cowbell performance, a throwback to his loved SNL sketch:

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I Need to Know ft. #WillFerrell #MaestroCaresGala

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It is a sight to see! Even though the sketch that inspired Ferrell to take the stage with a cowbell aired 21 years ago, fans still go crazy over it and it seems like Ferrell loves it just as much as anyone.

Will Ferrell appeared as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1995-2002 and it jumpstarted his career. SNL creator Lorne Michaels admitted that while he doesn’t like to rank the cast members on the series, he considers Ferrell to be in "the top two or three” in the history of the show. It’s not hard to see why he’s a favorite, since Ferrell has done some of the most memorable sketches on the series.

While “More Cowbell” is a particularly iconic sketch to come out of Saturday Night Live, it actually kind of ruined Christopher Walken’s life. In 2019 while on The Tonight Show, Will Ferrell admitted that the actor and comedian once told him that people bring cowbells to his shows and he gets asked in person for more cowbell. It’s hilarious to see how it’s taken a life of its own, but I also do feel a bit sorry for Walken.

Will Ferrell has returned to Saturday Night Live a total of five times to host since he left as a main cast member in 2002, with his most recent being in 2019. While he didn’t reprise his role as Gene Frenkle from the “More Cowbell” sketch, he did appear on stage playing the cowbell during a performance from Queens of the Stone Age during his May 14, 2005 hosting gig, making fans very happy. For a blast from the past, check out the original SNL sketch!

Hopefully the next time Will Ferrell hosts Saturday Night Live, we get another cowbell sketch, or at least a full cowbell performance. Maybe he can host and be the performer? I wouldn’t mind getting two three-minute cowbell performances. Or he can pull a Taylor Swift and do a straight 10-minute one.

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