When Abbott Elementary Will Return To ABC With New Episodes After The Season 1 Finale

Quinta Brunson as Janine in Abbott Elementary Season 1
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Abbott Elementary premiered at the end of 2021 as the newest mockumentary comedy on network TV, although it’s certainly not just another version of The Office or Parks and Recreation. The ABC series became a huge hit in not only the ratings, but other metrics as well, and the only bad news for fans was that Season 1 would only run for 13 episodes. There is good news, however, as there’s no need to worry about a cancellation following the finale. 

ABC actually renewed Abbott Elementary back in March, nearly a full month ahead of the Season 1 finale on April 12. The renewal itself wasn’t a huge surprise considering the critical and ratings success of the series, and it came with some details about when to expect the second season. Framed as a letter to faculty and students penned by Principal Ava Coleman, the renewal announcement confirmed that Abbott Elementary will be back in the next TV season:

The camera crew I hired to showcase all that I’ve made happen at our beautiful school thinks I’m a star. I mean, are we surprised? No, we’re not :) With that said, it is with great pleasure that I share they’ll be returning for the 2022-2023 school year! That’s right – Abbott Elementary Season Two is coming to a screen near you.

It’s far too early for ABC to announce a more precise premiere date than “the 2022-2023 school year” at this point, but confirmation that the show will return in the next season is at least something to go on. If we take the announcement literally, it could mean that Season 2 will come in the fall to coincide with the beginning of the school year. If the second season follows the same schedule as the first, however, that could mean a late 2022 or early 2023 premiere. 

A lot may depend on the number of episodes that ABC orders for the next season of Abbott Elementary. It’s not unusual for first-season shows to receive orders of 13 episodes or so to test the waters, and the success could mean that it will be bumped up to 20+ episodes for Season 2. If that happens, Abbott Elementary will likely premiere in the fall. Creator and star Quinta Brunson has credited the network for how quickly her new show found an audience

For now, however, we can only speculate as to the exact premiere date and episode count (and/or rewatch the first season with a Hulu subscription). Take a look at the full Instagram renewal announcement:

Quinta Brunson has also used her platform with the show to help real-life teachers, as the team behind Abbott Elementary put marketing money toward supplies for teachers to help people in real life as well as deliver the laughs as Janine, who also struggles with a lack of funding in the show. The Season 1 finale on Tuesday, April 12 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC marks the end of the school year for Janine and Co., but they’ll be back. 

For now, you can check out our 2022 TV schedule for some viewing options to fill the weeks until Abbott Elementary is ready to return with new episodes. The summer TV season is fast-approaching at this point, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in television news!

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