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Why 9-1-1: Lone Star Fans Will Have To Wait For The T.K. Cliffhanger Resolution

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Spoilers ahead for the January 10 episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star on Fox, called “Thin Ice.”

The cold snap that kicked off Season 3 of 9-1-1: Lone Star delivered some twists in "Thin Ice" that were even more chilling than in the premiere, with the fates of some different characters unknown. While Paul managed to save the teenage girl and was rescued, and Marjan survived the initial crash, T.K.’s accidental dip in a freezing pond to save a young boy could seemingly end in his death if things keep going the way they seemed at the end of the hour. And unfortunately for fans who are already dying to know what happens for T.K. – and whether his friends can get through to Owen – the wait will be longer than usual. 

Fox is taking a break from airing a new episode to follow up on the cliffhanger and reveal whether or not T.K. survives. Instead of returning next week, the next new episode doesn’t air until Monday, January 24. The network is instead airing a repeat of the Season 3 premiere – which itself delivered a bombshell about post-time jump T.K. – on Monday, January 17. And in fact, Fox is also airing a second rerun during that week, with a repeat of the standout Season 2 episode that saw Judd and Grace’s lives hanging in the balance on Tuesday, January 18. So, whatever happens next won’t happen for another couple of weeks. 

The good news is that all signs point toward an episode that will be worth the wait. The next 9-1-1: Lone Star will be called “Shock & Thaw,” which… could be good for the struggling characters, if the show embraces the “Thaw” part of the title! Owen could be in for a nasty shock if and when he finds out about what happened to T.K. while his fate is still uncertain. Owen was pretty unreachable by the end of “Thin Ice,” even if it had been feasible for him to get down the mountain safely by car. Check out the episode description for the next episode on January 24: 

As the unexpected arctic cold front and ice storm continues to cause havoc in Austin, Owen works to rescue the lives of the stranded migrants; T.K.’s life hangs in the balance and Grace prepares for the birth of her baby.

Owen did get a cliffhanger of his own, although less imminently life-or-death than his son’s. Grace seemed fine and dandy, albeit extremely pregnant and uncomfortable, so it seems that the baby will be on the way in the next new episode. And honestly, would it really be 9-1-1: Lone Star if the birth of Grace and Judd’s baby didn’t happen in the middle of an emergency? They’ve been through enough hardship over the years already, though, so hopefully the birth happens with as few hitches as possible.

That doesn’t seem altogether likely, unfortunately, based on the promo for the upcoming “Shock & Thaw.” Take a look:

If Grace had her choice of people to be with her while she went into labor and couldn’t have her husband, I’m guessing that Billy wouldn’t be at the top of the list, but Billy Burke is guest-starring and may be her only hope for a safe birth. On the Tarlos front, Carlos looks more than a little distraught at whatever is happening with T.K., and Lisa Edelstein is listed as another guest star as Gwyn. Whether T.K.'s mom’s appearance is a good or bad sign remains to be seen.

See whether T.K. lives or dies – not to mention whether Grace makes it to a hospital and if Owen can rescue the stranded migrants – with the next new episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star on Monday, January 24 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, and swing by our 2022 winter and spring premiere schedule for more viewing options.

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