Will Chicago Med Actually Say Goodbye To One Of The New Characters In Season 7?

Spoilers ahead for Episode 14 of Chicago Med Season 7, called "All The Things That Could Have Been."

Chicago Med wasted no time in resolving Maggie's scary story from last week by confirming that her cancer had not returned, and Goodwin got a little devious to convince the compliance officer to lift some of his new rules for the ED, while Dylan made a breakthrough when it comes to Terrell's condition. But it's Stevie's storyline that seems to be winding down rather than amping up, and I find myself wondering: could Med actually say goodbye to her despite her status as one of the show's newest major characters? 

Stevie's biggest plot in Season 7 has involved her mom, whose struggles with drugs, alcohol, and homelessness have been rough on her daughter. Her mom was also more or less Stevie's tether to Chicago, even while she was making plans to move to Michigan and give her marriage another try. In "All The Things That Could Have Been," Stevie learned that her mom checked herself into the psych ward out of a fear of self-harm, and has been doing wonderfully under regular treatment. By the end of the hour, her mom was looking better than ever, living on her own in a community, and at peace with both her daughter and the prospect of her daughter moving. 

In the span of one episode, Chicago Med resolved the one big obstacle to Stevie actually leaving the Windy City. The show had seemed to be developing the dynamic between Stevie and Will into a potential romance, but even he was resigned to her departure to rekindle things with her husband in "All The Things That Could Have Been." Chicago Med has set the stage for Stevie to leave, but would the show really say goodbye to the character after less than one full season as a series regular

Well, actress Kristen Hager hasn't publicly said anything about her future on the show, and was posting on Instagram about the big Stevie episode. Med also went pretty far in building her a backstory and setting up a will they/won't they dynamic with Will, so it's entirely possible that Stevie will remember all the reasons why her marriage went south in the first place and decide that Chicago is the place for her after all. Fingers crossed!

Besides, Med added her to help fill the gaps left by the departures of Torrey DeVitto's Natalie Manning and Yaya DaCosta's April Sexton, so it's not like the show is suffering from too many characters. At this point, it's hard to say for sure one way or the other about whether Stevie will leave Med, at least for a time to give her marriage a try before coming back. One Chicago already lost a major character this season, with Fire's farewell to Jesse Spencer's Matt Casey. Nothing really feels out of the question at this point, but I know I'm hoping that Kristen Hager isn't leaving so soon. 

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