Young Sheldon Season 6: Premiere Date And Other Quick Things To Know

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Since making its debut in September 2017, Young Sheldon has welcomed CBS viewers into the world of a 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper with Iain Armitage taking on the role a younger and less cynical version of the character made famous by Jim Parsons on The Big Bang Theory all those years ago. The series, which chronicles the life of the child prodigy during his formative years, has continued to be a success (it hit the 100-episode milestone in March 2022) and is one of the most recognizable sitcoms on CBS.

With the fall 2022 TV schedule preparing to ramp up later in September, some longtime fans of the show are probably wondering when Young Sheldon Season 6 will premiere as well as other things to know about the incredibly popular and sincere comedy series. Well, worry no longer because we are about to break down everything we know about the next chapter in the story of a young Sheldon Cooper.

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Young Sheldon Season 6 Premieres September 29th

Sheldon Cooper and the rest of his family will be returning to CBS on September 29th, five years and two days after the first episode of Young Sheldon aired back in 2017. The show’s official Twitter account made the announcement back in June, just a couple months after credits rolled on the Young Sheldon Season 5 finale with all its guest stars

There is no word on how many episodes will make up Young Sheldon Season 6, but with previous installments mostly consisting of 21 to 22 episodes (the shortened Season 4 only featured 18 episodes), it’s safe to guess that the new season will be somewhere in that ballpark. All new episodes are expected to become available streaming for anyone with a Paramount+ subscription

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The Main Cast Will Be Returning In Young Sheldon Season 6

This next tidbit of information isn’t all that surprising, but is pertinent nonetheless. When Young Sheldon Season 6 comes along in late September, it will see the return of the show’s core cast. This means the entire Cooper family — Sheldon (Iain Armitage), Mary (Zoe Perry), George Sr. (Lance Barber), Georgie (Montana Jordan), Missy (Raegan Revord), Meemaw (Annie Potts), and the voice of Sheldon (Jim Parsons) — will all be back for another round of laughs and tender moments.

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Emily Osment Will Be A Series Regular On Young Sheldon Season 6

Emily Osment joined the Young Sheldon cast during the show’s fifth season as Mandy McAllister, Georgie Cooper’s much older love interest who later became pregnant with the 17-year-old’s soon-to-be born child. Following a brief run as a recurring character throughout Season 5 of the popular CBS comedy show, Osment was promoted to series regular just before the final episode aired in May 2022, according to TV Line. How much her role will be expanded in the show’s sixth season remains to be seen, but with her carrying the child of a main character, there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing much more of Osment’s character moving forward.

Prior to landing a guest role that morphed into a more prominent place on Young Sheldon, Osment gained a great deal of experience on the small screen with appearances on The Kominsky Method, Almost Family, Family Guy, Young and Hungry, and most notably the Disney Channel original series Hannah Montana, on which she played Miley Cyrus’ on-screen best friend Lilly Truscott.

Iain Armitage on Young Sheldon

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Sheldon’s Iconic Flash T-Shirt Will Be Part Of The Character Moving Forward

In the final moments of Young Sheldon Season 6, longtime fans of the series (and its parent show) were treated to a brief yet impactful callback to The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon Cooper donned his iconic Flash graphic tee for the first time. Before this, the younger version of the character mostly wore more modest attire (button-up shirts, bow-ties, etc.), which was pretty much the opposite of what Jim Parsons’ version wore on the original series. 

Though the Flash shirt won’t be a permanent fixture of Sheldon’s wardrobe as he works his way through his teenage years, it is a sign of things to come for the young genius, as series co-creator Steve Molaro told TVLine.

No, it’s not a permanent wardrobe change, but it is an addition to his wardrobe, which is why he says, ‘I hope I don’t look too cool.’ He’s covering his bases, and this way, we can [put him in a graphic tee] when we want. When he feels like cutting loose, and experiment with being a teenager, he’ll throw it on.

How much of the Flash tee (as well as other comic book shirts) we will see moving forward on Young Sheldon remains to be seen, but this is a step in a new direction for the character as he continues to grow.

sheldon and missy in sunday school on young sheldon

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There Is Still More Young Sheldon After Season 6

When Young Sheldon Season 6 concludes at some point in Spring 2023, it will not mark the end of the series, but it could very well be the penultimate season. In March 2021, Variety reported that CBS had picked up the series for three additional seasons, meaning that unless something changes and another set of episodes is picked up, the show could end with Season 7, presumably in Spring 2024.

If you're a fan of Young Sheldon, it's likely you're caught up on The Big Bang Theory and know some additional details about Sheldon's background from the original sitcom. If that's not the case, the following paragraph contains spoilers

With the death of George Cooper Sr. bound to happen at some point, thanks to remarks the older Sheldon Cooper made on The Big Bang Theory, this could very well serve as the conclusion of the series. If that were to happen, Sheldon’s father’s affair (also mentioned on The Big Bang Theory) could hypothetically start up at some point during Young Sheldon Season 6. 

Young Sheldon Season 6 is set to premiere at 8 p.m. ET September 29 on CBS. If you want to watch all five previous seasons before the show’s return, you can do so with an HBO Max subscription.

Stream Young Sheldon on HBO Max.

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