Change Can't Stop, Won't Stop Coming To Universal Orlando As Another Attraction Closes Amidst Shrek, Fear Factor Live Demolitions

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Universal Orlando Resort is the embodiment of change at the moment, with several classic rides and shops closing down to make way for potential/rumored attractions based on upcoming movies. Earlier this year, we’ve seen Fear Factor Live and Shrek 4-D totally demolished, as well as extended refurbishments like the ones being done on Revenge of The Mummy potentially removing Brendan Fraser from the ride altogether. The changes are coming, and they won’t stop coming. The latest? The “iconic” Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop has officially shuttered for good.

Announced by Attractions Magazine, among other theme park outlets, this unique retail fixture has been wiped from the map as of closing yesterday. The almost 7-year-old store was a particularly well-regarded site, as Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop was where guests could pick up props from actual Universal Orlando attractions that had been retired. A perfectly pictured example in the source is the cow from Twister: Ride It Out, which looks like a great addition to anyone's dairy/Twister-themed game room.

Coming on the heels of another Universal Orlando fixture vanishing, through Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe's closure in early May, not much speculation for a replacement has kicked up yet. Other local antique malls sound like they’ll be picking up the slack on the prop shop end, as cited in the source above. Also, Universal Parks hasn’t announced what the next tenant of that location will be just yet. 

However, there’s always a chance that a pattern of banana-colored debuts might stretch into the Hollywood section of Universal Orlando. While not confirmed, a lot of the Despicable Me spinoff characters might be coming to this Florida theme park, which could turn this shop into a spot to purchase merch featuring Gru and The Minions? I'm just speculating here...

That depends on how much the attraction footprint of Minions and its parent franchise actually expands. At the moment, rumors surrounding what’s going to replace the now defunct Shrek 4-D attraction, as well as the Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe, both seem to point in that direction. As is the case with all of these new changes coming to Universal Orlando Resort, everyone will be keeping a close eye on what’s to come, as well as what the rumor mill cranks out next.

Whatever happens in the original theme park that started it all for the Florida contingent, it just might be indicative of what to expect as we get closer to Universal Epic Universe’s projected 2025 opening. For now, we bid Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop a fond farewell, with memories of park history set to keep it firmly in our hearts. Let's hope that cow from Twister: Ride It Out already has a good home, or will find one in a prompt manner.

If that talk of Minions has you hyped up, you’re in luck. Minions: The Rise of Gru is opening this week, starting with early shows on Thursday. Not to mention, Peacock Premium subscribers can catch the first two Despicable Me movies at the time of this writing; with Minions being available on both ad-supported and premium tiers alike.

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