Universal Studios Florida Closes Longtime Monster Attraction And It’s Not The Friday The 13th News I Was Hoping For

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“Change” is a word that Universal Parks fans are all too familiar with, especially when it comes to the Universal Orlando Resort. Alongside the ongoing progression of Epic Universe’s current opening timeline, closings and refurbishments have been popping up all over the original Florida park. The latest of which is news I wasn’t hoping for on Friday the 13th, as the Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe is officially dead. On top of that, a rumored replacement based on a title from the schedule of 2022 movie releases is already being discussed; before the grave has even cooled.

RIP Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe - 1998 - 2022

A spokesperson with Universal Orlando Resort issued a statement (via Orlando Informer) confirming this already rumored permanent closure. The content of that announcement is as follows: 

After more than 20 years of serving dreadfully-delicious quick-service menu offerings, Monsters Cafe in Universal Studios Florida permanently closed in the spring of 2022 to make way for a new dining experience.

Picking Friday the 13th to confirm such news is both fitting and unfortunate. For those who loved this well regarded landmark of Universal’s Florida theme park, it’s a time for tributes and fond memories. Twitter has already seen such messages floating about, with an example of such reactions reading thusly:

Pouring one out for the GOAT HHN hangout spot. RIP.

Just as the rumors surrounding the Universal Studios Classic Monster Cafe’s demise have been circulating for some time, so have whispers of its potential replacement. Based on the geographical location this hallowed haunt once occupied, as well as other developments in that area, you may already know what’s been discussed.

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What Could Replace Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe

Minions mania is threatening to overtake Universal Orlando Resort yet again. In addition to the suggested ride that may be replacing Shrek 4-D, a new restaurant experience employing Illumination’s little yellow crowdpleasers seems to be in the works. Screamscape floated this possibility earlier this month, as a response to the then rumored permanent closure of Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe. 

It’s not all bad news though, as the studio’s horror canon is still represented in the future of the Orlando resort. Everything we know about Epic Universe has already speculated the planning of a Universal Monsters, which could potentially have its own unique dining experience. Not to mention, Revenge of The Mummy’s ongoing refurbishment shows that, for now, Universal Orlando isn’t ready to give up the ghost on the more modern incarnations as well. 

The Classic Monsters Cafe may be closed, and already stripped from the park’s official website, but it will not soon be forgotten. It will continue to haunt the memories of those who dined there, and the park goers who wish they had. Though it won’t take much work to keep them fresh in the minds of moviegoers, as an assortment of upcoming Universal Monsters movies are in development, waiting to frighten audiences when they least expect it.

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