Disney World Guest Gets Cited For Explicit Shirt In Viral TikTok And His Partner Is Very Amused

Walt Disney World is supposed to be a place for everybody to have fun. However, that does put some responsibility onto each guest to conduct themselves appropriately. On the macro level this means not starting brawls at Fantasyland, but also means not wearing inappropriate clothing. One guest recently discovered this, and his partner thought it was hilarious.

A recent visitor to Walt Disney World posted a TikTok of himself walking with his newest accessory, a No Strings Attached certificate, that allows him to purchase a new shirt to replace the one that he was wearing. A Cast Member deemed it inappropriate, and gave him the certificate so he could change. His partner filmed the exchange, and you can hear her laughing about the whole thing.


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It’s a situation we’ve seen before, specifically on TikTok, perhaps too often. A guest wears something to Walt Disney World that is deemed inappropriate for whatever reason, and they’re given a free piece of clothing so they can replace the offending item. Disneyland and Disney World Cast Members have a surprising amount of autonomy in some cases and are able to spend some limited amount of money on their own to fix a guest’s experience. The option is generally used if something happens to a guests clothing, like when they get soaked after your Splash Mountain log sinks

The problem comes when that power is abused. Following one TikTok going viral that treated the No Strings Attached certificate’s as a “hack” and suggested people intentionally wear inappropriate clothing in order to get free clothes, we did see a rash of these sorts of videos. It’s unclear if there was really an increase in people being “dresscoded” at Disney World or if there was just a wider promotion of the times when it happened.

For those curious, the offending shirt was posted in a later TikTok. While a bit difficult to see, the t-shirt shows a woman lounging in a pool wearing nothing or close to it. And yeah…The Little Mermaid that ain’t. It’s not exactly a shock that Walt Disney World decided that wasn’t something they wanted kids looking at. Mom and dad were probably going to be getting a lot of questions from kids who saw this.


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For what it’s worth, if you’re considering showing up to Walt Disney World half naked or wearing something offensive, maybe reconsider. Just because a Disney World CM can help you out with a free shirt doesn’t mean a Disney World CM will give you a free shirt. They can also just tell you to go back and change your clothes and not let you into the park.  

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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