A Brawl Broke Out At Magic Kingdom And The Video Is Chaos

50th Anniversary Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom
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If you spend any amount of time at Disneyland or Walt Disney World you’ll find families who are taking the vacation of a lifetime. It’s become standard practice for large families to go to Disney parks together and wear matching shirts celebrating the trip. However, one family's trip to the Magic Kingdom this week turned to absolute chaos as they were involved in a pretty massive brawl right in front of Peter Pan’s Flight on the edge of Fantasyland with another family.

Several videos have emerged showing different elements and angles of the fight. It’s pretty sweeping and it basically clears the entire space outside of the Peter Pan attraction. We can see that those involved in the fight end up with torn clothing and personal items end up littering the ground.

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According to the Daily Mail, the fight began when one member of one family left the queue at Mickey’s Philharmagic when she realized she had left her phone on her electric conveyance. When she tried to get back to her group in line, another family allegedly tried to prevent her from doing so, and somebody reportedly pushed her as she tried to move past. The first family didn’t appreciate this and reportedly waited outside the theater after the show. The disagreement began with words, but did not remain that way.

Reports indicate that it took Disney World cast members as much as a couple of minutes to respond, but they eventually did and the fight was broken up. One participant in the fight was apparently hospitalized for a severe facial laceration, another was treated for an array of smaller cuts and bruises. 

Fights are certainly uncommon at Disney World or other theme parks but anytime you have that many people in close proximity to each other there are going to be conflicts. People might usually be in good spirits when on vacations, especially big ones, can also be sources of stress. Considering how many people are at theme parks every day, fights are rare, but they certainly do happen.

In the past we’ve seen fights break out during Halloween Horror nights at Universal Orlando Resort and another brawl took place between members of the same family inside Mickey’s ToonTown at Disneyland. Even Walt Disney World has seen its share of fights on property before now.

What the aftermath of this fight will be is unclear, but it’s a safe bet that some or all involved in the fight will see themselves trespassed from Disney World property. Disney has little tolerance for this sort of thing happening, people have banned from Disney World for a lot less, so we can expect people will be banned from the parks for at least some period of time. If it can be established that some people involved were pure victims they may escape that fate 

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