Disneyland Paris Guest Allegedly Takes LSD, Gets Naked, Falls In Water

Cruella looks like she is on LSD

A Disney theme park trip can be stressful. No matter which location you happen to be visiting, you usually are dealing with heat. There’s overcrowding, which can lead to sever tests of patience as you try to access coveted lands or ride on anticipated rides. And God forbid you are a parent shepherding your children through a Disney theme park! We’ve all come up with our own personal coping methods for surviving a day at Disney. One guy allegedly uses LSD to get him through the insanity.

A 32-year-old man reportedly took LSD handed to him by his 30-year-old girlfriend while visiting the Disneyland Paris theme park, as reported by Le Parisien (courtesy of The OC Register). After taking the LSD, he fell into a man-made lake located near Pirate’s Beach in Adventureland. And he didn’t resurface right away.

This prompted the man’s girlfriend to report the man missing, triggering a search party that the Register notes included 30 firefighters, 10 divers, 10 policemen and 80 Disneyland Paris park employees. Here, the reports vary about WHEN the man was discovered, but basically, he disappeared on Friday evening before the park closed, and turned up naked on Saturday morning, a road located almost a mile away from the park.

As one does.

According to a report by the person who discovered the man, they encountered him walking down the road without a stitch of clothing on him, and also walking barefoot. They approached him, and noticed he had scratches on his arms and legs. They also said that the man had no recollection of what had happened to him.

Now, I can’t imagine trying to do Disney on LSD. Personally, I’ve tried drinking beers while working our way through Disney, and the combination of extreme prices and debilitating heat often leads to an instant headache and mini hangover. Not the best way to enjoy a theme park.

At the same time, the exaggerated animation nature of a Disney park might lend itself beautifully to an LSD trip. Imagine riding something gentle but eye-popping like It’s a Small World or the Pirates of the Caribbean ride while on a hallucinogenic drug? You might just want to strip off all of your clothes and dive into the nearest man-made lake? Who are we to judge?

I’ll give the guy credit. He managed to pull all of this off with minor interruptions to the rest of the park visitors. The OC Register notes that the Swiss man and his girlfriend were temporarily detained by local police for narcotics use but shortly released. And because the incident happened overnight, the search had no impact on park operations and didn’t disrupt any other visitors.

Because there’s nothing worse that spending a fortune on a Disney vacation for your entire family, then having to explain to your kids that the naked man emerging from the lake is not, in fact, a pirate, butt more some clown who wanted to take LSD at a theme park.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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