Disney World Just Introduced Another Gigantic, Viral Snack, And OMG I Want It Now

Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck marvel at an ice cream freezer in Stayin' Cool
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Going to a major theme park/resort like Walt Disney World is mostly about taking in all the shows and rides that you can possibly fit into your day. However, if there’s anything as important as figuring out how to get on Rise of the Resistance, it’s scoring one of the many impressive snack offerings Disney loves to feed its guests. In honor of the theme park's 50th anniversary, another gigantic viral snack has debuted in Orlando’s happy place, and holy Horace and Jasper, do I want this now! 

It’s called the Ice Dream Sand Pail, a variation on the standard Sand Pail sundae you’d find at Typhoon Lagoon’s Happy Landings Ice Cream. This frozen feast is everything you’d expect from a sweet treat to beat the heat, with some very special toppings and ingredients that are on brand for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration. Take a look at what’s included in the Ice Dream Sand Pail, which only costs $2 more than its base model at $15.99, according to the product description run by WDW News Today:

Vanilla and birthday cake-flavored soft-serve, EARidescent sprinkles, waffle cone pieces, rainbow cake, hot fudge, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry layered into a Walt Disney World 50th anniversary sand pail bucket.

First things first: if you promise me a birthday cake-flavored dessert, I’ll probably show up to your dessert stand on that alone. Mix that in with some actual pieces of rainbow cake and waffle cone pieces, plus all the other bells and whistles, and you have something that makes last year’s delicious looking watermelon-flavored Dole Whip seem like the kiddie pool of snacks. 

However, it’s the “EARidescent” sprinkles that really have me excited to tear into one of these beauties. The 50th birthday of Walt Disney World has been all about that very thing, right down to the Mickey Mouse-flavored spin on iridescent coloring being used in the marketing for the main event. Which probably has you asking the same question I did when reading that description: what do those magic sprinkles look like? 

Thanks to a Disney park goer who shared their own look at this delicious delight, you can see what EARidescent sprinkles look like. Friends, it’s everything you’d hoped for and more. Without any further delay, take a look at the Ice Dream Sand Pail, in beautiful photographed form: 

While Disney Parks have been known to provide the world with nightmares, such as that stuffed hot dog/pickle monstrosity which still haunts our dreams, the Ice Dream Sand Pail is a counterpoint that makes those experiments worth it. Though it may be merely a snack, it might be a treat that could help Typhoon Lagoon compete against Walt Disney World’s other parks in the realm of food. Also, on one very huge plus side, it doesn’t sound like this particular snack bucket is going to trigger insane Figment popcorn bucket style lines to wait in.

If you happen to be heading to Typhoon Lagoon, or Walt Disney World in general, you might want to pick up an Ice Dream Sand Pail. Honestly, you should just skip to saying yes, as there are some of us who aren’t able to take that trip at this time, and it’s highly unlikely that Disney will deliver this treat to anyone outside of the park gates. As for the rest of us, we’ll just have to focus on something like the 2022 movie releases, as we try to distract ourselves from a Bridgerton-style romance with a bucket of beautifully blue ice cream. 

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