Universal Orlando's Mummy Coaster With Brendan Fraser May Finally Reopen On The Perfect Day

Brendan Fraser in The Mummy franchise
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One of the most popular attractions at Universal Studios Florida, the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster has been closed for basically all of 2022. It was announced the attraction would reopen in late summer, but with less than a month until the autumnal equinox, summer is almost over. However, as of today Revenge of the Mummy has taken a big step forward and it looks to be getting ready to open on what might be the perfect day, the first day of Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights.

We may be two months from Halloween but the spooky season gets underway at Universal Studios Florida this Friday when the first Halloween Horror Nights of 2022 opens. Considering that the roller coaster in question is all about The Mummy, one of the classic Universal Monsters, and this year’s Horror Nights includes a brand new house that spotlights the Mummy, along with Dracula and the Wolfman, it’s the perfect night for Revenge of the Mummy to return.

Universal Orlando has yet to announce an official reopening day for Revenge of the Mummy but the current rumor is that it will open on Friday and that idea has been strengthened by the fact that the roller coaster is now open for “technical rehearsal,” which is basically a soft opening. A limited number of people will have a chance to ride Revenge of the Mummy today, as part of making sure that everything about the ride is up to snuff, including the Universal Team Members. Even the experienced ones haven’t worked this ride for several months so they need to shake off the rust.

Friday is set to be a big day for Halloween Horror Nights. Fans who wanted to be the first check out all the new houses will be there as will a lot of the locals who will be planning to go multiple nights over the course of the next two months. Being among the first to get back on Revenge of the Mummy will be an added bonus.

Of course, the big question is just what, if anything, has changed in Revenge of the Mummy? While this was announced as a standard refurbishment, not a redesign, the closure was a significant one, much longer than we normally see when rides are just given a check up to make sure they’re still in working order. It lasted so long that it’s possible the Mummy closure actually prevented the planned refurbishment of another roller coaster.

There were rumors that Brendan Fraser’s pre-show and end of ride appearance might be getting pulled from the attraction, and while it now looks like Fraser and his cup of coffee are safe, we won’t know for sure if that, or anything else, has changed until we start hearing from people who have experienced the ride. Maybe in the new version Brendan Fraser finally gets his cup of coffee.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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