Video Of Frozen’s Olaf Getting Knocked Over In Disney World’s Hollywood Studios Goes Viral In The Worst Way

We see a lot of videos from Walt Disney World go viral but they usually involve heartwarming moments with Disney characters or interactions with Cast Members that are intentionally hilarious. However, sometimes things go wrong and your Disney World video goes viral for the wrong reasons, like this poor soul who accidentally knocked Olaf the F out.

The video going viral on TikTok shows a family getting a picture with Olaf the Snowman at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, just one of the many Frozen themed activities to do at Walt Disney World. When they all leave, the man gives Olaf a little kiss on his carrot nose, and Olaf goes crashing down. It seems pretty clear this was just a terrible accident, but it causes quite the scene. Check it out. 


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While the video claims Olaf was pushed, if you look closely, that’s not what happened. The guy gives Olaf a kiss on the end of his carrot nose, clearly just trying to be sweet, and the whole thing goes terribly wrong. He puts too much weight behind it and it throws Olaf off balance. The kisser probably feels absolutely terrible. Still, Olaf likes warm hugs. He’s never said anything about wanting to be kissed.

To be fair, while a lot of Disney World character costumes look difficult to move around in, Olaf looks especially difficult. There’s just so much costume and it’s such an unusual shape that simply moving in it must be tough. This is born out by the fact that this cast member just doesn’t move after the fall. When they go down, they are completely motionless. He looks like a character out of Toy Story rather than Frozen in the way he goes down and seems to be incapable of moving. 

Even my five-year-old will tell you that Olaf is a person in a costume, so I’m not sure anybody was worried that “Olaf” was hurt here, but you do have to wonder about the Cast Member. On the one hand, that costume looks like it’s nothing but padding, but it probably isn’t designed for the person inside to completely collapse inside it. One certainly hopes the Cast Member is ok. Some in the comments of the video who have been in costumes like this say that the person inside could end up quite hurt from a fall like this. Wearing the Disney World costumes is no joke.

Of course, getting up when you fall in that consume is probably impossible without help, so you might as well play dead until the room is cleared. If there were any kids who thought Olaf was real, they are going to really be blown away when Olaf is helped up because it will likely reveal the truth under the mask. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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