Viral Reel Has Disneyland’s Wicked Queen And Gaston Trading Barbs, And I Can’t Get Enough

The Wicked Queen from Snow White and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
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In 100 years of making movies and creating characters Disney has made some of the most iconic villains in the history of cinema. At places like Disneyland you can meet and interact with those villains yourself, but what turns out to be even more fun is watching those villains hang out together. A fan recently caught Snow White’s Wicked Queen hanging out with Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston, and the result is everything.

A pair of videos were posted to Instagram that show a number of costumed characters interacting together. The scene starts with the Wicked Queen and Gaston hanging out on the bridge near Sleeping Beauty’s castle when Peter Pan, Wendy, and Captain Hook go by. Gaston throws some shade at Captain Hook, who slightly tries to look menacing, but Gaston doesn’t really care. 

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From there, however, the Wicked Queen responds, talking about the “happy thoughts” that she has, specifically the brutal demise of Snow White. She and Gaston trade shots at each other while the Queen acts regal and snooty and Gaston tries to be cool and egotistical. The two move over to the Snow White wishing well, prepared to have to deal with her singing voice, but luckily nobody throws in any coins. It’s just hilarious and fun.

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We see this sort of interaction between costumed Disney Parks characters now and then and it’s almost always some great live entertainment. It also seems to be happening more often. While fully costumed characters in masks can’t communicate with guests, “face characters,” those that don’t have to cover their heads, can. This includes all the Marvel heroes at Avengers Campus, and it results in a theme park land that’s full of life as characters can interact with guests, and each other more.

Having said that, even the costumed characters can create special moments for guests, as Mickey Mouse himself recently showed when he met "Walt Disney" in the park and the two had an emotional reunion. 

Seeing characters talk to each other like this makes the lands of Disney Parks feel much more real than they otherwise would and it completely changes the vibe in the park for the better. It’s a simple way to add value in the parks that guests can’t find elsewhere. When you stumble upon this you get to have an experience that not everybody else will see, and you don't have to pay more for it. It’s quite nice. 

As we see more character interactions at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Avengers Campus, hopefully seeing classic characters do more of this will become more the rule than the exception. Every combination of heroes and villains offers new fun or exciting moments. It’s these moments that snake memories which is what a trip to Disneyland is all about. 

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