Viral TikTok Shows Man Shaving Beard On Splash Mountain In What May Be Greatest Ride Photo Ever

Disneyland's Critter Country with Splash Mountain
(Image credit: Disneyland Resort)

There’s so much to do at Disney World and Disneyland that it’s easy to forget to stop and take pictures so that you can remember any of it later. Luckily, the Disney Parks help you with some of that, by taking your picture on many rides without even being asked. You can then take the picture home if you like it, but some people apparently go quite hard to make their photo op special, and a lot of this takes place on Splash Mountain.

A TikTok video is going viral showing off some Splash Mountain riders who decided to not just throw their hands up and scream when their picture was taken, but to practically tell their own story. This includes a group who are apparently using Splash Mountain as their morning shower, and one guy who goes all out by appearing to shave. Check it out.


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The first image here is just great. The entire boat is having fun with it, with a couple people in shower caps and one guy brushing his teeth, but it’s the guy in front covered in shaving cream that you can’t keep from seeing. I certainly hope there were no actual blades in that razor, because you really could hurt yourself.

Most on ride photos just show people smiling and having a good time on a ride. If you’ve never been on the ride before, you wouldn’t even know when your picture is being taken. But if you’ve been on the ride before, you may decide to have some more fun with your picture.

Oh course, these are the “safe for work” versions of Splash Mountain ride photos. The attraction used to have the nickname “flash mountain” as many women were known to lift their tops just as the picture was being taken before the plunge. Disney Parks eventually instituted a system where pictures were checked by cast members before being shown to guests. If anything “un-Disney” was in the picture, it wouldn’t be released. Disney World also prevented photos from being released if riders were unmasked back when masks were required on rides. 

Photos at Disneyland and Disney World are a serious business. You can spend all your time in the parks just getting pictures if you want. In addition to the on-ride photos that are automatically added to your Disney account if you have a MagicBand at Disney World, you can get your Disney World photo taken by professional photographers in the parks and even get Magic Shots, which add Disney characters or other fun things into your picture.

Splash Mountain is expected to go down for a major renovation sooner rather than later, as we know both the Disney World and Disneyland versions are getting a new Princess and the Frog theme. The photo element will almost certainly remain, though it might get updated in some way, though it seems unlikely people will stop bringing their A-game to the photo moment. 

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