We Finally Have Renewal Details For Disneyland Annual Passes, And Of Course There Are Price Increases

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Disneyland Resort released its new Annual Pass program, the Magic Key, almost exactly a year ago. And the people that bought them were starting to get nervous. All the Magic Keys expired after one year and while Disneyland was promising owners the ability to renew, info on when or how had been suspiciously missing. Now we know what’s going on with renewals, but those renewals are a lot more expensive, and the Magic Keys are not the same.

First, Magic Key renewals will begin on August 18, no earlier than 9am Pacific Time according to Theme Park Insider. However, when those renewals go live, there will be a lot of significant changes. Most significantly, the Dream Key, the top of the line pass with zero blockout dates, is being replaced by the new Inspire Key. That will include blockout dates during Christmas and New Years, one of the most popular times to visit Disneyland, so there are now no passes that don’t include some dates you cannot visit.

Prices have also jumped significantly. The aforementioned Inspire Key will go for $1,599, as compared to the Dream Key’s $1,399. The Believe Key has jumped by $150 to $1,099. The Enchant and Imagine Key’s have gone up $50 to $699 and $449 respectively. 

There are some additional benefits coming with the new prices however. All Magic Key levels have the option to purchase Genie+ at a 20% discount. The Inspire Key gives guests a 20% discount on merchandise and 15% on food. It also includes free parking and free Photopass.

The Believe Key will also receive free Photopass, though the merchandise and food discounts drop to 10% along with the rest of the passes. Believe Key will get 50% off parking. The other two passes  do not get the free Photopass and only get a 25% parking discount. Here’s the breakdown:

Inspire Key - $1,599, formerly $1,399 (Dream Key) 

  • Six reservations
  • Discounts: 20% off select merchandise and 15% off select food and beverage, 20% off Disney Genie+
  • Free parking and free Photopass downloads 

Believe Key - $1099, formerly  $949 

  •  Six reservations
  • Discounts: 10% off select merchandise, food and beverage, 50% off parking, 20% off Disney Genie+
  • Free Photopass downloads 

Enchant Key - $699, formerly $649 

  • Four reservations
  • Discounts: 10% off select merchandise, food and beverage, 25% off parking at Toy Story and 20% off Disney Genie+ 

Imagine Key (Southern CA residents only) - $449, formerly$399 

  • Two reservations
  • Discounts: 10% off select merchandise, food and beverage, 25% off parking at Toy Story and 20% off Disney Genie+ 

For a hot minute there was a question if the Magic Key passes would even continue. Disneyland Resort is being sued over the Magic Key program and many wondered if that was the reason renewal info was delayed so long. There were a lot of problems early on with those that paid for Magic Keys actually getting into the parks. However, while the prices have gone up, and blockout dates are now something everybody must deal with, it seems the program is continuing more or less as it was. 

At this time only Magic Key renewals will be allowed. New sales of Magic Keys have been unavailable for a couple months and will continue to be for at least a while longer. Those that choose to renew may renew into any available Magic Key, though it’s apparently possible Disneyland could decide to lock out certain tiers from renewals if they sell out, so there’s a valid reason to renew early if you’re going to do it. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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