Werewolf By Night Fans Are Pumped To See Marvel Horror Superhero Making Disney Parks Debut

Gael Garcia Bernal in Werewolf By Night
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One of the most fun things about Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure is the way that it is just teeming with life, specifically, Marvel characters. You never know who you might run into when you wander through the campus, and whenever a new Marvel project hits theaters or Disney+, there’s a pretty good chance a new character will also arrive at the Campus, that same day

Such was the case with the newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Werewolf by Night, The titular werewolf can now be found stalking Avengers Campus at Night, and a lot of fans found out about the new addition to Disneyland Resort not by seeing the news, but by seeing the creature itself. Disney Parks only officially announced the character’s appearance on TikTok the day he arrived.  


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Werewolf By Night was released on Disney+ as what was essentially the “Marvel Halloween Special” so it makes sense to take advantage of the spooky season in the parks as well. What makes the werewolf’s appearance extra special, however, is that he can be found in Avengers Campus on normal park nights. We’ve previously seen other “dark” Marvel characters, like WandaVision’s Agatha Harkness or Zombie Captain America, only appear during the Oogie Boogie Bash, the after hours Halloween party at Disney California Adventure that is limited to guests lucky enough to grab tickets. That’s not the case here. 

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It’s nice that this brand new character is available for all to see. And even better that some were not aware that they would actually see it. Promotion on these characters usually isn’t done too far in advance, so it’s easy to show up at the park and not know you’re going to see them until you walk up and there they are.  

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That’s not to say that some Avengers Campus arrivals aren’t made early. We already know that M’Baku will be appearing at Avengers Campus as part of the promotion of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. While an exact date was not announced, the day the movie hits theaters is a safe bet. If the werewolf hangs around until at least Halloween, which seems likely, then it will only be a few days between the werewolf going away and M’Baku arriving. 

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We can almost predict which characters we are likely to see appear in Avengers Campus based on the various films and TV series that are on the way. The biggest problem with the bulk of Marvel content is that there isn’t enough room in the land for everybody, so many characters only appear on limited schedules. But who knows who you might run into the next time you visit Avengers Campus.  

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